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The Ry Burst Chronicles: Chapter 13: The Past

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst A big shout out to @Roi De La Nuit Sans Fin~ and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. So I requested Roi to criticize this series. One of the things that came up, was somthing I never explained. I had jumped right into the story without giving the appropriate background, and I realized it. So instead of doing what i had intentioned to for this chapter, I decided to do something else. And Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, because I just wanted to thank the show, cause I love it. So without further ado, here is Chapter 13.
It was a relatively quiet night. If you listened, you could her the sweet chirps of the Kricketune in the distance. Well under normal circumstances you could, but not now. Two boys were sitting around a campfire with their Pokemon, talking and laughing. One boy, with blonde hair, and a Piplup and Snover next to him, while across from him was a boy with reddish brown hair, who was sitting next to a Monferno, Grovyle, and Poliwag.

"Hahaha, you really lost a gym battle huh," the blonde boy, Zak, said laughing, "and you had to enter a contest because of it." Currently the two boys were at Route 203 camping out for the night. And at the moment, they were exchanging stories of their travels.

"Yeah, but it wasn't easy," Ry said nervously scratching the back of his head. Jet, rolled his eyes. "Still, we'll get stronger, like how me and Fuego got stronger with the help of Maylene."

Zak's jaw dropped and he stared at Ry. "You mean Maylene, the Veilstone City gym leader? That's so cool! How long have you trained with her?"

"Well it's been about 5 years. It all started when I was 10. So my mom, who was friends with Maylene's father, had asked if I could train with Maylene, mainly because I was too chicken to ask. Maylene accepted, and as my first test, I trusted me with a Machop egg."

"Wait, wait, hold it. You don't have a Machop. And you told me that Fuego was your first Pokemon," Zak Jared in, interrupting Ry.

Ry gave a smile and glanced at Fuego. The Fire monkey gave a grin right back, and Ry turned to face Zak. "You see, that's where things get a little interesting. You see, after i recieved the egg, i was walking home when I bumped into Professor Rowan. He was carrying the eggs for the Sinnoh Starters, Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig. And when I say I bumped into him, I literally mean I bumped into him. The eggs got mixed up, and I grabbed what i thought was my Machop egg. He gathered the remaining eggs, and continued on his way. While he left to return to Sandgem town, I continued to take care of my egg. Eventually it hatched an oy was I surprised to see a Chimchar. I named him Fuego and we became best friends." Ry paused to give Fuego a light knuckle punch before continuing. "Eventually Maylene found out and called Rowan. He came with originally planning to return the Machop who had hatched and retrieve Chimchar. But once he saw how much, we had bonded, he let me keep Fuego. And we spent the next 5 years, either training with Maylene or learning Pokemon breeding secrets from mom. Then we started our journey. And to our luck, we beat Maylene in a battle before we left."

"So you have two badges now, right. Maylene's and Roark's." Zak said crossing his arms. "Man you never told me you were ahead of me."

"I wish, but she wasn't actually going full strength. And it was a one on one battle with Lucario barely trying. I may have won, but it wasn't a gym battle. It was more of teacher against student. Next time we meet it will be an official battle," Ry said standing up. Both Ry and Fuego made a fist and raised it above their heads. "We'll be the very best and we'll wipe the floor with Maylene!" He exclaimed. Fuego cried in agreement, while Splashy hopped around happily, feeling the duo's excitement. Jet crossed his arms, but still had a faint smile stretching across his face.

"Well let's hit the hay. I'm tired," Zak said crawling into his sleeping bag.

Ry gave a nod and laid down on top of his sleeping back, and watched the stars. He would become a great trainer one day. He knew it.
  1. Ry_Burst
    @Mockingchu, there's more, I'm just planning some stuff out. The 14th chapter is about halfway-ish done
    May 5, 2017
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  2. Mockingchu
    So are you done writing this series or will there be more? I'm really liking it!
    May 5, 2017
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