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Special Monsters of Chaos: Chapter 11 : The Bitter Chaos

by Raijin Zen

Raijin Zen (Spoilers: The Final Chapter Will Be Spoiled Here : In The Season Finale Chaos Will BE Defeated But Chaos WILL Come Back in The New Seasons,There Are 26 Lords Of Chaos,The 1st Introduced and Defeated in The Season Finale The Rest Will Be Introduced At The Begining of The Seasons From Season 2)
After Saving Ambrette Town In Route 6 In Kalos The Virus Seem To Hvae Infected The Aguav Berry's After Camoflauging Into The Berry People Gathered The Berries And Started Becoming Infected After The First Person Was Exposed AKA Patient Zero.A Group Of Gas Men Were Sent To Gas The Whole Town(Yes The Entire Town With Gas) That Kills Any Infected Cells AKA Virus Cells Including The Chaos Virus Obviously It Was Destroyed Will Chaos Be Destroyed?.Find Out In The Season Finale.