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Belle Vonelle Gardevoir Maiden: Chapter 1

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn New chapter!
I looked around our nice little hut, Mama and Papa were downstairs dealing with the customers, so it was up to me to keep all my siblings in order. I was the oldest child of the Vonelle family, I am a shiny kirlia, and all my other siblings are plain regular ralts. Here are the names of my many siblings: Angelina, Kai, Nina, Omally, Kira, Lincoln, Yvonne, Brock, Miley, and Mika, they are all quite annoying in fact. Even though I am the oldest Kai is the child to take over the family business of shoe making, while I am supposed to go off and find a nice Gallade. Suddenly Papa came bursting through the door, "Children hide!" he shouted as he put his long arms around the 11 of us and closed his eyes. "Where is Mama?" I asked him. "I don't know children, but a Charizard is storming through Gallade and Gardevoir village!' Papa said. I started to get worried, Charizard was a fire type, and we are fairy types! "All clear, come out!" Papa said. So we all walked into the shop. There lay Mama, dead on the floor.