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From the Ashes: Chapter 1

by CherryBlossomGirl

CherryBlossomGirl Chapter 1! Now the story can begin!
Knock knock! The sound rand on Stella Nekoshi's door. "Stella! Are you up yet?" Bonnie asked. "Yes! Come in!" Despite the fact Stella was awake, she was still very tired. She had been up until 11:00 coming up with ways to fix Clemont's broken device. "What's this?" Bonnie asked, pointing at a blueprint sketched out on the work desk. "Nothing, Bonnie. It's just your brother's blueprints." "Hu? What would you want with that?" Bonnie was confused. Stella was never a good engineer. "Im trying to fix the all-in-one-inatoir." "You're sure it's fixable? It looked REALLY broken!" "Yes I'm sure! It's going to work! Don't try to tell me it won't!" Bonnie nodded. When Stella was in her game mood, it was impossible to bring her down. "You know, brother has a list of things he wants you to get. He said if you get them all, he'll give you another Pokémon!" This made Stella stop dead in her tracks. "Really?" She questioned. "Yep." Bonnie looked very pleased with herself. "Amazing! Nothing could replace bolt, but- but- this is just-" "Neko-tastic?" Bonnie knew that was the word Stella loved to use the most. "Yes! Neko-tastic! I need to go get that list! Right now!" Stella burst out the door with a broad smile and a list. A grocery list.