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Pokehigh School: Chapter 1||The Start

by Bellenette

Bellenette #Summercamp15

Serena Gabena just arrived at her new Highschool. Serena of age 16 decided to take a break of doing performances since she is Kalos Queen. Ash, the champion of Kalos is also there, but also took a break. Many people will be in this, including manga, game, AND anime characters.

Hello, I'm Serena Gabena, I am waiting for the school bus, I am wearing the schoolgirl uniform, the bus will be taking me to a place called Angenia High. A pokehigh school, and I wish the best time there. Whoa the bus is here!

Okay...a lot of people are here...I went to sit by Ash since he's the only one that was here, that I felt most comfortable with. "Hi Serena, you came", he said. "Yeah, it's a regrettable decision", I said looking around the bus. "You look nice in that outfit", he complimented me. "Heh, you and you compliments,thanks!" I said and blushed. "Ooh did you hear that", someone behind me whispered in my ear, it was Miette! "Oh uh...Hi Miette!", I said and blushed, acting like she just said nothing. "Oh hi Miette, I had no idea that you would come here!" Ash greeted her. I facepalmed. This kid is so dense, THAT'S what he noticed. No, not the fact that Miette whispered in my ear that he could clearly see, but he just greets her. Ugh.

So I guess we are here at the school. It was very pretty. I guess we have dorms here, its a very different school. "Well Serena, I need to go!" Ash said and gave me a friendly hug. Oh, my, gosh, did he just hug me. I blushed. "What! Did Ash just hug you?" A girl came up and said, her hair was a high ponytail, with some hair down. "Oh, hi, my name is White!" The girl said, (she isn't wearing her baseball cap, she is wearing schoolgirl uniform). "Hi, I'm Serena, and yes, Ash hugged me, we're good friends", I said. "Wait you are THE Serena?", White exclaimed. "The kalos queen?", she continued. "Yes, " I said. "Omg omg omg, you two are such a cute couple, the Kalos Champion AND the Kalos Queen", White fangirled. "Well, we are not together", I said. "Oh...well I see he likes you, do you like him?" She asked. "Yeah....". I admitted. "Perfect", her eyes glimmered. "Hey, we should be friends, you're like, totes cool!" She said. "Not that we are popular...", she said. "Okay!" I agreed.

So it's just like a typical highschool...Jocks, popular girls, in betweeners, Wallflowers, Sweethearts, the major daters, you name it. White seemed pretty cool. A bit energetic, but cool.
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