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In The Future of Darkness: Chapter 1: The Mysterious Fogbound Lake

by KirbyKid

Chapter 1:The Mysterious Fogbound Lake

“So Grovyle when do you think we will find Fogbound and find out if there really was a Time Gear there?” Ash asked Grovyle.

“As far as I know one of the guardians will be there.” Grovyle said.

“Just like Aself and Mespirt?” Ash asked Grovyle.

“Yes. I have heard that the guardian named Uxie was the guardian of one of the Time Gear and many said that he lives at Fogbound Lake.” Grovyle said. They continued to walk. It was very late at night as well as they know. The two only travels at "night" knowing Dusknoir would be trying to find them. During the so called day they find a place to rest. But to them they are unknowing of someone watching them from not too far.

“So there you are Master Dialga will be pleased.” A Pokémon hidden in the shadows said. “Sableye are you ready?” He said. The group Sableye all agreed. “Excellent, LET’S GO GET OUR PRISONERS! TO FOGBOUND LAKE!” He roared. They left the base to pursue them.

“Hmm Wait I think we should camp out for the time being Ash.” Grovyle said.

“But Grovyle We could be so close we should keep going! Then we can go back to Celebi and she can get us to the past to stop everything! We can’t rest now!” Ash told him.

“Hmm ok then let’s keep going. But only for a little longer.” Grovyle said. They continued to move unaware that some Pokémon are coming for them. They walked for a while longer. But just then Grovyle stopped in his tracks. “We’re here Ash.” He said.

“Huh but Grovyle I don’t see anything here.” Ash said.

“Then look around feel some of the plants I know for a fact that Uxie was here. “

“What ever you say Grovyle.”

Ash looked around then it happened.
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