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The Country of Meiyadarin: Chapter 1, Part 12, Requests From the Supreme Duchess

by PrincessPika~chan

PrincessPika~chan Maria, Christopher and Adriana all take on some special tasks for an upcoming event. One that everyone in Celestialle is excited about! Though, why the tasks were giving to them doesn't fully make sense. (part 12)
Christopher started staring at the floor, muttering to himself for a while, before looking back up at Elisia.

“I see why, I remember the passage mentioning her, ‘Ho ghamr llha faa’mo ho Truehelm oarlo faora'mo ho rroarlonna cosocoas, sho lloas soaa Catherine, hom roarlariy oarlo roarragh a ho oss a'r arlo.’


“Wha...?” both me and Elisia questioned the seeming nonsense Christopher had just said.

“Ah...? Oh, yes... roughly translated, it means: ‘The girl who bore the Truehelm name before the Flamekin descendants, she was Saint Catherine, her family name falling to the tests of time.’” he explained. “The only records of her last name, or the other saint’s last names’, were written in the Celestials’ language.”

“Wow... how did you know that?” Elisia asked, staring at Christopher with much shock.

“Ah... I... always was interested by documents like that.” he said, staring to the side of the staircase again.

“You’ve got passages like that for all the saints, don’t you?”

“Ah, yes, would you like to hear one?” Christopher turned back to face Elisia.

“Of course! Who wouldn’t want to hear you recite random passages in the Celestials’ language?” Elisia smiled, leaning forward.

“I know that was not meant for an answer, but me...” I muttered, hoping for less random banter before the banquet.

“Ah, I am getting some opposing requests here...”

“Go on, go on, go on!” Elisia almost shouted, leaning closer.

“I’m going...” I muttered, heading up the stairs, though curious to hear another passage.

“Ah... here it is, then: ‘Ho srlaros a'r ho a'riy rloaro soaa, hoarr-fama'hom a ho ghmooa Suzanna, lla'aurc ra'morrom shao oas soams, a'm sa ho oaros a'r harl, Parry Plumplant, hoarro soaac.’” he took a deep breath, before continuing. “That was the one translated officially, being about Parry”

I smiled softly.
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    Oh, tip on pronouncing anything in the demons' or Celestials' languages, any apostrophes indicate the two letters surrounding it are to be sounded separately.
    May 18, 2020