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The legend Of Loki: Chapter 1, part 1

by Finch~

Trees rustled in the wind outside, waking Loki earlier than usual. Something already felt off about today, but he shook it off. The Devilcat walked out of his large room, stretching his legs slightly with each step, trying to wake them up. He rushed downstairs, the patter of his paws echoed in the seemingly empty castle. He was the first awake, again. Loki walked into the main room, eating small pieces of chicken and picking the stringy pieces out of his teeth. He lay on the couch, soft velvet tickling his fur. Loki closed his eyes, as sleep drifted back to him.

“Loki Doki?” A voice woke him up, sharp and loud. Loki grumbled.
“Your father..”

There he was, King Pale, now dead. His white fur glistened with copper blood. “Murder” muttered Broken Crown. Broken Crown was Loki’s brother. He was arrogant and cocky most of the time, yet envied his brother for his fame and beloved status.
“But who?” Loki murmured back.
One of the royal advisors shook his grey head. “Nobody in the castle. We checked everyone”
Loki bit his lip, then said. “Right. Take him to the garden. He deserves a proper burial. I will hold a silent vigil tonight.”
The advisor nodded, then walked away. Broken Crown followed, but not without casting his brother a glare before doing so.