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POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON: Explorers of Light: CHAPTER 1: Mystery of the Dark Claw - Day 2

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma Pika and Vee head out to investigate an abandoned temple. However, they find something unbelievable within its walls...

Pika stood up. He blinked sleepily. "Feels like I've been asleep for weeks." he said. "Yeah, I've got that feeling too." Vee said. "Let's head to roll call."

"Roll call!" Chatot said. "TREEKO!" "DRILBUR!" "Whismur!" "GOLETT!" "CRANIDOS!" "KADABRA!" "MEOWTH!" "EMOLGA!" "PIKA!" "VEE!" "Alright, everyone's here." Chatot said. "Back to your jobs, everyone!" Pika and Vee started to head to the elevator, but they were stopped by Chatot. "Now where do you two think you're going?" he asked. "Uh..." Pika said. "To find work." "No need!" Chatot replied. "I've got a job for you two... plus Treeko!" The grass-type turned around at the mention of his name. "You three are going to explore the abandoned Sharahan Temple. It used to be inhabited by a bunch of Gothorita and Gothitelle. Something happened, and they fled the temple. A lot of people call it a Pokemon-made Mystery Dungeon. That's why I'm sending you three to check it out." The three explorers nodded before heading to the elevator.

Entering Lagross Town, the two started heading off. "So, where are we going?" Pika asked. "To Gorias Woods." Treeko said. "The temple's in there. We just have to go through the south gate." The three explorers dashed off.

Exiting the town, the explorers saw three paths. One led to what looked like another city, another led to Gorias Woods, and the last led to Hyumadan Desert. "Let's head off." Vee said. "Come on, boys." And so, the explorers headed to the woods.

Entering the woods, Pika saw a weird mist. "Oh no..." Vee said. "When the fog rolls in, this place becomes a maze! Take the wrong path, and you end back up at the start!" "Well, it's just another challenge to overcome!" Pika said. The adventurers headed into the mist, determined to find the temple.

Up, right, down, right, down, down, right, up, up, up, left, up, up, right, up.

Eventually, they found the right path. After much trial and error, they got the path down. After much failed attempts (and, admittedly, much rage) they found their ways to the ruins. "Finally." Pika said. Even he was getting tired. They stopped to rest before inspecting the temple itself. It was made of limestone, and was very sturdy. Moss was starting to grow, but there were no other signs that it was crumbling. Not even a tiny chunk of broken limestone could be found. "Well, let's go." Pika said. "Stubborn, aren't you? We're coming." Vee said, following. Treeko looked behind him before following his teammates. "I have a bad feeling about this." he said.

(This is a mystery dungeon, so we're skipping to the important parts. MAKE UP THE REST OF THE ADVENTURE!)

The three explorers finally reached the tenth floor. It was the final, as there was no way to descend any deeper. "What's this?" Pika asked, going over to some weird flat-oval thing. "This looks like something built for the bodies of dead Pokemon." "Don't touch them." Vee said. "They could be booby-trapped." Treeko went over and inspected one. It looked weird. Pika saw a chest at the end of the hallway, as well as some stairs. Exited, the electric-type flung the chest open. "Ooh!" he said. "Look at this weird stone!" "It's a Leaf Stone!" Vee said, exited. "Those are really expensive!" Treeko looked at the stairs. "These go up. I wonder where they lead?" Treeko started to walk back towards the group... but then bumped into one of the coffins. "Uh oh..." he said as it crashed to the ground. Part of the lid fell out... and two red eyes could clearly be seen. The lid shifted, and four black hands came out. Gold plates hit the ground as the six Cofagrigus woke up. "Yes." Pika said. "That is an 'Uh oh'."

The Cofagrigus started to charge Shadow Ball attacks. Vee activated Double Team in order to lose the three Pokemon in the crowd of decoys. The team started to run, but two of the Cofagrigus blocked the stairs going up. Another two blocked the hall, and the last two were closing in from both sides. They were trapped. Pika activated Electro Ball and blasted one of the Cofagrigus. Treeko used Leaf Tornado to take out another. The remaining four had finished charging Shadow Balls, and the explorers had to scatter to avoid being hit. Pika ran up to one and hit it with Skull Bash, and Vee hit another with Quick Attack. The three adventurers rushed into the stairway, the remaining two Cofagrigus close behind. Pika, thinking fast, used Electro Ball on the roof. The impact caused rocks to fall, creating a wall between Team Shining Dream and the Cofagrigus and the chamber. The adventurers took no time to relax, continuing to flee up the steps.

The exit was blocked by something. One Volt Tackle later, and the exploration team were back in Gorias Forest. They all breathed a sigh of relief. The exit was behind some big trees, so the group could leave the tunnel revealed. "Now I think we know why the Gothorita and Gothitelle left." Vee said, almost out of breath. "That was quite an adventure." "But at least we got something out of it!" Treeko said, smiling. Pika chuckled. "I say we call this a win and head home!" the electric mouse said. The others nodded, and they headed off to Lagross Town and Zapdos' guild.

As the three explorers returned, they saw a bunch of Machop and Timburr planting weird boxes with strings and bells on them. They were everywhere, and it seemed like they were all being connected. They soon ran into Pachirisu and Bulbasaur. "Pachi! Bulba!" Pika and Vee said happily. "What's going on?" the Eevee asked. "Haven't you heard?" Bulba asked. "It's a new system to help Exploration Teams. They can play their unique chime on the bell, Each exploration team gets a chime. If friends of the exploration teams hear their friends' chime, they can head to the new Gazebo to help their friends on their missions. For example, if you played your chime we could come help! We WOULD come help!" Pachi was so excited. "Oh, this is going to be SO COOL!" She was hopping around. "Well, this'll make it easier to get some backup." Pika said, smiling. Vee smiled back. "This really will be more convenient. Who decided to do this?" "Apparently, it was Blastoise's idea." Bulba said. Pika and Vee looked at each other. Why would Blastoise think of this? they thought. "Well, we better get going." Vee said. "It was nice seeing you!" the explorers headed off as the sun was going down. The citizens waved as they entered the city streets.

Entering the guild, Chatot saw them immediately. "Fill me in, and then we can eat." he said. The explorers entered Zapdos' room to discuss what had happened.

"Now, everyone, DIG IN!"
"Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp!"

Pika and Vee were settling down for the night. "You know, finding those Cofagrigus was pretty cool." Pika said. "I suppose." Vee replied. "And dangerous too. We could have been killed!" "But we got away just fine." Pika smiled. "You know what your flaw is?" Vee asked. "You're too reckless. Let's hit the hay." With that, the two friends flopped down onto the beds.

"Hey, Pika?"
"Yeah, Vee?"
"What do you think is coming next?"
"Something epic. Why do you ask?"
"I feel almost the same... but it feels like an old fear is rising to meet us tomorrow."
"Yeah, but it's not tomorrow yet."
"I... I suppose. Good night, Pika."
"Good night, Vee."

(Special thanks to; @EspeonTheBest, @~Pokelover~, @Twilight Nova, @Shauna23, @JacobRaze, @SismicFlareCharmander and @Bulba the Curious.)