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Auvenan Lore: Chapter 1: Kingdom Association

by SharpShotInteleon

SharpShotInteleon An overview of the Auvenan royalties’ Kingdom Association.
From the very beginning of the ancient Auvenan’s society, there has a been a group of elite soldiers, researchers and officials that have watched over the rest of the society. They have steered the rest of the populous into an Age of Enlightenment, averting a downfall like what had occurred with the ancient society of Sinnoh.

As society progressed, as did the group of elites, now electing a ruler to watch over the region, as well as command the newly-titled Kingdom Association. This decision was crucial in ensuring the prosperity of the kingdom, driving the region further into the highest reaches of science, military and government.

As they progressed, the Kingdom Association took a fascination in the nature of Pokemon, harnessing their power to fuel their own needs, as well as gaining the creature’s trust to further the three main points of the region. It is even said that, in the division for sciences, the Association was one of the first to revolutionise the healing of Pokemon, dubbing the invention ‘potions‘.

However, as occurs in even the most enlightened of societies, revolution struck, ravaging the eastern coast of the region. This attack would be catastrophic to the Kingdom Association, as the eastern coast harboured trade routes to all of the other discovered regions. The three divisions handed together, in one of the only documented cases of total agreement across the divisions, and within them.

The division of science had been commissioned to construct machines that could enhance the energy harnessed by Pokemon, allowing for annihilation of any form of rebellion. The government division flooded their resources into rallying the inhabitants of the region into a sense of pride in their region, to avoid a civil war brought about by the uncertainty of next events.

The division of military, however, took the lead in the crisis, setting up ‘Sentinel posts’ across the most vital of locations within the region, armed to the teeth with the most powerful weaponry and Pokemon, using the machines constructed by the scientist division. They called for attacks on the terrorists that lay waste to the coasts, which led to the first great Intervention, an event that, too, would rock the very foundation of Auvenan society.

The first great intervention was a large collection of naval and aerial attacks that occurred between the Auvenan’s military, and hoenn’s military. Hoenn, so it occurred, had taken a great sense of jealousy to Auvena, and had cut all trade routes with the region. This however, had caused a dark age in Hoenn society. As the, currently corrupt, government of hoenn believed, this was the fault of Auvena alone, and had such let out a covert attack on the eastern coast.

As the scientist division had devised yet greater weaponry for the intervention, it was all but a slaughter, with the hoenn military retreating, pulling out all forces within a mere four days of their first battle. However, it would seem that the military of Hoenn would not settle for this, so they sent out propaganda to surrounding regions, calling for warfare on Auvena. However, as the trades between the regions had been so beneficial for both sides, the most war that would occur was a singular battle between unova and Auvena, which Auvena won by a landslide.

After the intervention, the association’s government division took charge, fuelling the repair of the entirety of the eastern coast, having the trade centres repaired within 7 weeks of beginning their efforts to fix the coastal region. This process was hastened by the constant supply of resources being shipped in from other regions, kalos in particular.

As Auvena reached the peak of it’s enlightened age, it constructed a singular machine that would forever change the society of every known region, allowing for the true spark of life to be imbued into the region. They had constructed the spirit engine, a machine that could be fuelled by even the simplest of fuels, even wood, and would allow for the spirit of the finest people of Auvenan history to be given to anyone required. This machine would allow the greats to live on, once more!