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The Johto Escape: Chapter 1: Average Beginnings

by Drider

Drider Howdy everyone, thought I'd have a crack at writing a Pokémon story. I've done small pieces in the past, but I've never actually done anything about Pokémon, so here's hoping it won't be bad... #summercamp15
“Alright Goku!” I cheered, punching the air. My starter Pokémon, a Totodile, had just won me my first fight against a young boy with a Magnemite.

The boy groaned, and knelt beside his fainted Pokémon.

“Hey, no hard feelings, right?” I said, walking over to him with my hand extended. Instead of shaking it, he picked up his Magnemite and walked away in what was clearly a bad mood.

I sighed, and patted Goku on the head. I had only known him for a day, but already it was clear that he hated making people upset.

“It doesn’t matter Goku,” I said, “sore losers will be sore losers. And once Banjo gets back with those berries, we can have a snack to celebrate!”

Banjo was my Teddiursa. We had been partners since I was four, when he hatched from an egg my father’s Ursaring had laid. I was allowed to train him up, so I gave him the nickname of ‘Banjo’ and we soon became inseparable.

Now, eleven years later, I had finally decided to start my official Pokémon journey around my home region of Johto, so Banjo and I borrowed my mother’s Braviary to fly to New Bark Town to get my trainer’s license, and hopefully another Pokémon.

We luckily managed to snag a Totodile from Professor Elm himself, and the three of us were now well on our way down Route 30 to have a battle with Falkner, the Gym Leader of Violet City.

It was nearing the end of the day, so we had decided to set up camp, and while Banjo was gathering berries Goku and I were challenged by that snobby boy with a Magnemite.

“Here he comes,” I said, looking into the distance. I could just make out a small figure climbing down a tree with one arm and cradling a bunch of berries in the other. My Teddiursa had a knack for things like that.

Banjo came running over and presented the berries to me happily.

“Thanks bud,” I said, taking the berries from him and putting them into a bowl, “now let's tuck in!”

Goku got in first, and was munching down on half the berries before me or Banjo could protest.

“Alright, that’s enough for you,” I laughed, and held the bowl away from the greedy Totodile as he made to grab the rest, “these ones are for Banjo.”

Banjo tilted his head and looked at me.

“It’s fine, I think I’ve got some food leftover in my backpack,” I chuckled, handing him the bowl, “you eat them!”

He grinned and plonked himself down on the grass to eat. Goku followed suit, looking at the berries hungrily.

“C’mon Goku, are you a Munchlax or a Meditite?” He snorted. “Okay, maybe you don't have to be as extreme as a Meditite, but you don’t need to eat all the time. Have some water instead.”

He sighed, and went over to my backpack to grab some water.

“So Banjo,” I said, sitting myself down next to the Teddiursa who still eating away, “what other Pokémon do you reckon I should try and get on the team?”

He thought for a moment, and then using his claw he started to draw a picture in the dirt.

“Okay, umm.... that’s a... its head looks like a Kadabra...” he shook his head, “No? but that really... never mind. Maybe it’s... Ooh! No legs, a Geodude? Oh, no your drawing them now, erm... a Graveler!” Banjo shook his head again, “Okay okay, uh... well, that’s a big mouth... is it a Gengar?” “Teddi!” he laughed, and nodded his head.

“That’s not a bad suggestion,” I said, and chuckled when I saw that Goku was still rummaging for the water, “I really like Gengar. Any others?”

He nodded enthusiastically, and began drawing again.

“Right, so there’s the body, wings... a Pidgeot?” He shook his head once more, “Okay, uhm... ah,” I smiled, “that has to be a Skarmory!”

“Ursa!” Banjo clapped his hands, delighted. He wasn’t a bad artist for a Pokémon either; he really managed to capture the sharpness of the Skarmory.

“Well, I do like Skarmory as well, so... c’mon Goku, you really can’t find any?”

“Toto,” said a muffled voice from inside the bag.

“It should all be in the front pocket,” I said, walking over to him, “why are you in the main... oh come on!”

He wasn’t interested in the water. The greedy thing was getting into my backup food. I sighed, and lifted him out of the bag as Banjo rolled around behind me laughing.

* * *​

I slept with an empty stomach that night. Although I did manage to save half a sandwich, it was hardly enough for me. I should’ve taken into account how much my Totodile loves eating, I thought as I struggled to find a comfortable spot in my sleeping bag, ah well, I know for next time.

I eventually found a nice spot to settle down in, and I soon fell asleep.

My mind was racing with many thoughts, so naturally I had vivid dreams as I slept. Dreams about beating Falkner, the other Gym Leaders, becoming the champion, travelling to new regions, befriending new Pokémon...

And just like that, poof. They all vanished.

Causing me to wake up, and my nose to itch for whatever reason, my heart started racing as I saw a dark figure slip out of my tent. Forcing my eyes open, I raced out after him.

It was about three feet tall, and his skin was an orangey-brown underneath the moon. It had a large nose, and its eyes narrowed when it saw me.

Being careful not to make any sudden movements, I managed to slowly grab my Pokédex from my backpack. All while keeping eye contact with the Pokémon mind you, an achievement that I was sure to proudly write down in my notebook the following day.

Drowzee, the Hypnosis Pokémon, my Pokédex said. The Pokémon ran away into the trees at the sound of its voice, and the Pokédex continued: It puts enemies to sleep then eats their dreams. Occasionally, it gets sick from eating bad dreams.

“Well, there go my dreams,” I sighed, and walked back into my tent to try to get back to sleep. It was in vain though, and I didn't fall asleep until early in the morning, only to be woken up almost straight away by Banjo and Goku.

“Alright guys, I’m getting up,” I slurred, and slowly sat up. Looking around the tent, I noticed that my two Pokémon were staring at me eagerly.

“Whasamatter?” I yawned, as they continued to look at me in anticipation, “Oh yeah.”

I sighed, immediately regretting my lack of sleep.

“Of course,” I moaned, “we were gonna try to fight Falkner today.”
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