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Intertwined Fates: Chapter 1: A New Beginning

by DragonHiryu

"Maya!" The black haired girl heard, "Are you up yet?" the voice repeated.

"I'm getting up..." She yawned, standing up for the first time that morning to get dressed, she put on her splattered red T shirt, jeans with rips in the knees and a long black jacket. She looked herself up and down in the mirror before finally stuffing the over-sized coat into her bag, deeming it was way too hot outside for long sleeved coat.

When the violet eyed girl got downstairs her mother looked her up and down before sighing, "I see you got settled in well." She commented then turned towards the door, "There are a few friends waiting outside for you." Maya's mom turned away and started to cook dinner for herself.

Maya on the other hand walked out the door calmly only to meet two other females, "Hello." She said cautiously, watching the other two exchange looks before laughing.

"Silver, silly you don't have to look at us like that. We're friends." Serena commented laughing as Maya's face turned from confusion to rage.

"Its nice to meet you Silver." A quiet voice stuttered and Maya turned to see a girl about two years younger then they were, "I'm Shauna." she smiled gleefully which in turn made the black haired girl smile.

"I'm-" She started only to get cut off by Serena, who put a hand over the female's mouth, "Shes Silver." She repeated, glaring at Maya.

Maya grumbled and nodded, hating the nickname.

"Hey come on!" Shauna suddenly shouted, scaring the two taller females beside her. Before the girls could detest they were dragged away by Shawna. "Let's go get Pokemon!"


"Your description was spot on as always Shauna." Tierno said, "So what should we call you?"

"Silver." Grumbled Maya feeling a tremble down her spine as her longtime rival stared at her, her blue eyes burning the side of her head, "My name is Silver." The violet eyed girl looked down as Serena looked away.

"Can we see our Pokemon?" Shauna asked impatiently, shocking Maya.

How did the shy girl I met earlier turn into that?? She thought to herself, flinching when she realized all eyes were on her, "I'm sorry.. What?" She asked looking up sheepishly to Tierno, "I wasn't paying attention."

"You were checking out Shawna weren't you?" Trevor butted in startling the two, "Well you can't have her." He grumbled making Maya sweatdrop, "I saw her first.."

Maya chuckled a little and gave Trevor a little nudge, "Shes all yours champ. Next time, don't be so outright with it." She whispered, picking up the pokeball with the flame on it and leaning over to pat the younger man with glasses on the back, "You'll get her someday." She promised then turned away from him without another word.

"So, you choose Fenniken?" Tierno asked, watching as Maya nodded, "Alright all yours man."

"Welcome to the team Scoot." She whispered, sending out Scoot who sat on her lap.

"My name is Scoot huh?" Scoot asked, shocking Maya, "What?"

"Erm, nothing. I'm..." She looked around to the others and sweat-dropped when Tierno handed her a letter.

"Give this to your mom, its from Professor Sycamore." He explained, patting her hand in sympathy, "I would be careful if I were you." He pulled away leaving the girl confused before she shrugged and got up.

"Alright! Our task from the Professor is finished!" Tierno shouted making everyone jump, "Let's go catch some Pokemon Trevs!"

"Trevs?" Maya asked, staring after the two in confusion, "I guess that you all have nicknames for each other." She commented, turning back to Serena and Shawna.

"Yeah, shes Shaw and I'm Sere." Serena explained laughing as Maya made a confused face before shaking her head, "You had to have been there."

"Yeah, no. I'm good without anything that makes me see unicorns barfing rainbows thank you very much." Maya retorted, "Well id better go do as the Professor, or... Tierno asked." Maya stopped puzzled then shrugged it off, turning to walk away from the last two girls at the table.

Scoot looked up at her, "Are you sure you want to call me Scoot?" He asked making the girl look down at him.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be sure?" She replied, looking down at him before turning the corner.

"What does it mean?" Scoot asked tilting his head to the side in confusion.

"Well it doesn't really mean anything." Maya replied, pausing once she heard Shawna's voice calling her over the conversation they were having.

"Let's have a Pokemon battle!" She shouted, holding up her pokeball with Chespin in it.

Maya chuckled at her enthusiasm and at Scoot's grumble which sounded a lot like 'you interrupted something.'

"Alright." Maya said gently putting Scoot down on the ground, "Go Scoot!"

"Chespie spot light!" Shawna called, only to flinch as Chespin fainted by an Ember.

Shawna pouted, "That wasn't fair... I didn't get to see chespie..."

Maya sighed a little and walked over to pick Scoot back up, "Maybe you should try to wait before battling people... It would get more interesting." She said gently.

Shawna nodded then sighed, "I guess I'll go ask Serena if she wants to go and battle!"

"Wait a minute!" Maya called after the girl, however that proved fruitless as Shawna was already gone like yesterday's rain.

"Well that was interesting." Scoot commented looking up at Maya, "So what were you saying earlier about my name?" He asked.

Maya looked stumped for a minute as she walked back to her house, "Oh, yeah. I'll have to show you videos when we get home." She thought for a moment before replying, "You're named after a great animator. He created one of my favorite series, Whookos." She explained, walking through the automatic gates.

"Whats an animator?" He asked.

"An Animator is someone who creates moving pictures."

Scoot nodded his head in understanding then tilted his head, "So why did you name me after him?"

Maya shrugged a little, then walked into the house, "Hey mom?" She called, jumping when her mother came out from her room.

"Yes dear?" She asked, noticing Scoot in her arms and a letter in her hand, "Why you have a Pokemon!" Maya's mom exclaimed, "Hes so healthy too!" She gushed. "Whats his name??"


She stared at her daughter, "Scoot." She repeated slowly.

Maya nodded, "Scoot. That's his name." She shook her head before the two could get into an arguement, "This is for you mom." She said, putting Scoot down and handing the letter to her mother.

"Nice handwriting.." She commented, "Smells of perfume too!" She sighed as if in a trance, "Hm..?" She turned to Maya. "We've just moved here and already you've been asked to go on a Pokemon journey!"

Maya smiled a little then waved it off, "Do you mind if I just leave in the morning?" She asked, watching as Scoot trotted up the stairs.

"Of course dearie." her mother replied, "I'll see you in the morning."

Maya watched as her mother walked back into her room and sighed, going up the stairs and turning on the light. It was only this morning that she had woken up in her own bed. The thought of waking up somewhere strange was terrifying to her.

The girl shrugged and changed into her pajamas before getting in beside Scoot, who was already curled up beside the pillow, and looked out the window.

"I wonder what we're going to do tomorrow, Scoot..."
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