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Chapter 1: A Mysterious Land

by Illusionist___Zorua

Illusionist___Zorua An Eevee, Shinx and Vulpix have to travel round the Pokémon World. What adventourus will happen?
Chapter 1: A Mysterious Land
A cry of help ringed in the air from Jubilee. Her sister Josephine lost her footing and grabbed on to the rock, but slipped off and plunged into the rushing water. Jubilee dived in to save her sister. She coughed up mouthfuls of water as she helplessly tried to reach Josephine. She was too far away, and gave up. Both sisters sank below the current, and yells for help slowly disappeared.
"There gone. We searched with boats and planes, but we couldn't find them." A reporter said. There cousin, Valerie, cried. She dared them to cross the slippery path on a big hill, were a tiny path they can cross on the ocean. "It's all my fault."
"Come on! You can do it!" Kindle knew she could walk into the battling house. "I knew it. I would never be strong enough to go in there." Kindle turned away. She walked toward the ocean. Krabby were blowing out bubbles. "What a nice sigh- AHHH!!" Kindle screamed. She looked over at half-drowned Shinx and Eevee. Kindle ran over to Eevee. "Are you hurt?" The Eevee woke up. "Your a talking Vulpix!" Eevee exclaimed. "Yeah, your a talking Eevee." "Really?" Jubilee woke up. "I'm a Shinx!" She said. Josephine told Kindle there horrible time. "I've heard stories of a different land. You need to get the Ambition Rock. Here, I have a book of all of it." Josephine looked through some pages. "I guess." Jubilee said. "Then let's go!" Kindle jumped up and away, flinging sand into their eyes. "Heh!" They both said. Kindle trotted, and they ran to catch up to her. "We're friends now. Right?" Kindle said. "Right." The sisters said.
Two zoruas appeared behind a rock, unnoticeable by the New Friend Travel Team. "Hey look at em'." Said Aliice, a shiny Zorua. "Yeah. Who do they think they are? Coming from the different Land, thinking they belong here? Hehehehehehe. Another evil plan I see." Nightlight, the other zorua snickered. "Yes. And that Ambition Rock, if we get our paws on that and send it to Camp Zorua, we'll be famous!" Aliice whispered. "But just how are we to know where it is?" Nightlight said. "Well ask Silvered, that's what." Both zoruas snickered, glad and happy to be on another evil case.