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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and the Secret of the Rings: Chapter 1: A Flash of Fire

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Cinder is a human turned Pokemon! When she wakes up, she is brutally attacked by the Pokemon there! Will anyone ever except her in this world of Pokemon? (This story takes place in Oblivia, the Region of the Pokemon Rangers. Just for this story, no humans live there.)
Chapter 1; Secret of the Rings

Flash was standing right in front of his dream, sort of.
Something was standing in his way. "Uhh, Mr. Snorelax? Can you hear me? I really need to get past you." Flash said innocently.
When the Snorelax didn't seem to register what the tiny Shinx said, Flash turned and ran back the way he came. Right now, all the Shinx wanted was to travel the world, saving all kinds of Pokemon.
Snorelax happens to be in the way of Dimention Village, the home of all different kinds of Pokemon and Pokemon guilds. Also, Dimension Village was rumored to have portals in it. Supposedly, this whole region had golden rings scattered about, allowing Pokemon to travel from place to place with ease.
Flash travelled all the way from Thunder mountain, a Mountain to the west of Dimension Village that was always struck by lightning. It's home to multiple electric types who weren't part of a Guild. The only downside of not being able to access Dimension Village is lost time.
Flash had to find a group of willing Lapras to take him from Thunder mountain over the oceans to North Oblivia, or 'The Lake continent.'. Oblivia was broken into multiple Continents. North Oblivia, as previously mentioned, is called The Lake continent. Southeastern Oblivia is called The Mountain Continent, and Southwestern is The Forest Continent.
Dimension Village was located on a Plateau with a large lake by it. Fresh water flowed from this lake, named Dimension Lake, all the way out into the Ocean.
A small island was featured in the center of this Lake, a place that is always surrounded by currents far too strong for any normal water type to swim by. The rumors said that the only Pokemon who can pass this current is Suicune, the guardian of the lakes here. Every year Villagers have a competition to see who can pass the current, and find great enjoyment in the failures they see.
Flash continued to pad along the forest area with a heavy heart. He continued to pass the lake until a scream could be heard. "What!?" Flash exclaimed, immidietly alert. The Shinx used his X-Ray eyes to scan the nearby forest area. He noticed two figures fighting, one obviously the attacker and the other being beat up badly.
"Hold on!" Flash yelled as he dashed through the undergrowth towards the action. "Where is it? That Ring?" A Sneasel hissed over a very frightened Vulpix. "I-I do-n't k-kno-w what yo-u're ta-lking a-about."
The fire type responded. "Hey! Let her go!" Flash yelled boldly as he leaped from the bushes, growling at the attacker. The Sneasle flung Vulpix into a nearby tree and faced Flash. "You puny thing? Face me? Haha, I'm not sure if I even need my partners for this battle!" It sneered.
Yet, another group of Pokemon heard this and rushed to the scene. "Stop there!" One yelled. "Right now!" The other finished. "It's not nice..." "...to hurt other Pokemon!" The two Pokemon were finishing each other's sentences. "We are....Team Sparks!" The Minun and Plusle yelled in unison.
"I am Ion!" The Minun exclaimed. "I am Neri!" The Plusle added. The duo was pretty normal, to a point. The Minun was a Yellow-Orange color where the Blue should have been and the Plusle was a Purple-Pink where the Red should have been.
Both were wearing ribbons, Ion's displaying a Blue and green Mega Evolution sign and Neri's displaying a Red and Grey heart. "Are you ready...." "To face Team Sparks?" The duo asked as electric charges formed around their tiny bodies.
"Ha! More than ready! I can take you all down!" The Sneasle boasted. Flash was sneaking up on the ice type while the Minun and Plusle did their intro. As soon as the Sneasle finished that last sentence, Flash leaped at the Pokemon, like a predator hunting its prey.
"You never let your guard down around enemies, Ice type!" He yelled as he released a powerful Spark attack, paralyzing the Sneasle. "Dang it!" The ice type screeched as he figured out that he couldn't move.
"Thanks Neri, Ion!" Flash called from across the sunny clearing. "Anything for our..." "....old friend!" The duo smiled. Flash then remembered the Vulpix and ran over to the hurt Pokemon. "Are you alright?" He asked urgently.
Cinder looked up at the concerned Shinx. The concerned beat up Shinx. The concerned beat up and talking Shinx. She blinked a few times before scrabbling as far back as she possible could up against the tree. "Y-you t-alk!" Cinder exclaimed, eyes wide with awe.
"Well, yeah, you do too." The Shinx said in a 'duh' tone. "What's your name?" The Shinx asked lightly. "I'm, I'm....." The Vulpix's voice trailed. "Cinder. That's my name. I am Cinder." She said boldly. Cinder studied her surroundings.
Everything was so big here! The Plusle and Minun, the Shinx, even the bushes were unnaturally large. "So, you're a Vulpix huh? I've never seen one in person until today! Wow!" The Shinx gasped in awe at her. "Oh, I forgot, I'm Flash." He added. Wait, Vulpix? "I'm pretty sure that I'm a human."
Cinder said, standing up to Flash's eye level. "Well, you look like a Vulpix." Flash eyed her suspiciously. Cinder noticed a nearby lake. She walked over to it and gazed at her reflection in a mixture of awe, confusion and more confusion.
"What? I'm a Vulpix! No way!" Cinder cried. She turned back towards Flash who was mumbling something about getting a partner. "I'll be your partner." Cinder said boldly. "What? You have amazing hearing! I could barely hear myself! But sure, you'll be my partner."
Later on, the two Pokemon were heading back for attempt number two at entering Dimension village. Dimension lake was glowing a bright orange color because the sun was setting. In the distance a collage of purple and orange clouds dotted the darkening sky was visible, making everything tint orange. Team Sparks had heads back to their base, a small den made of wood up in a tree.
"So, Cinder." Flash said as they were walking. "Why was that Sneasle after you?" Cinder thought for a moment. She really didn't know why. When she first arrived here, she just woke up on a Island surrounded by a strong current.
Then, after exploring for a bit, she found a large golden ring with a royal purple inside in the center of the island. Being the curious one, she of course poked her head through the ring and appeared right in front of Multiple large Pokemon who all gasped and sent her away, using powerful psychic moves, or sending her away with a blaze of fire or electricity. Water was in the mix.
The only thing she remembered was a large blue dog-like Pokemon with a purple mane staring at her with disbelief.
"I think it was because of this ring I have." The Vupix indicated to her paw, which was adorned with a thin yellow ring, barely visible. "He kept saying things like, 'where is it?' Or 'how did you get there!'" Cinder repeated. Flash said nothing as they finally made it to Snorelax.
"Uhh, wake up we need to go by." Cinder said impatiently, ready to just fall asleep and think about what happened. Flash indicated for Cinder to follow him with his tail. The duo traveled around the Snorelax and leaped over a fence. Probably against the law, but that's ok.
Flash ran over to what looked like an inn. "Hello? We need someplace to stay!" He called inside. A Lilligant appeared in the doorway. "My, my! Children, what are you doing out here at this hour?" She asked with a soft calming voice. "Come in! Come in!" The grass type insisted as she lead them into the doorway.
The lobby was adorned with multiple plants and the chairs and tables were logs and tree stumps. "My name is Lilli, and I am the inn keeper. Here is your room, it's free for tonight, we'll have to talk about a longer stay tomorrow. Now, go, get some rest." The Pokemon cooed, pushing the, towards the hallways.
After arriving to their room, Cinder plopped onto the soft pile of hay she would call a bed tonight, and fell asleep.