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Chann Shiro the half demon

by Zeldafan917

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Zeldafan917 So I'm going to start off wilth a little bit of lore before getting to his story. There all sorts of demons in Chann's home dimension/world. There are demons of good and evil and Chann's clan of demons is one of the good ones. The demons are based off of animals and each have different abilities, for wolf demons and a few others there is more than one clan of that kind of demon. For wolf demons they call their clan a pack, their leader Alpha, and their home their den. Each clan focuses on some sort of element or physical ability, Chann's pack focuses on air and electricity for their attacks but not all have that great of control or can only use one of the elements. As for the leaders of his pack, they have always been one of Chann's ancestors or family members. Chann's father was Alpha once, and his father's brother was always jealous of this and on Chann's 10th birthday Chann, his mother, and his father were hiking to a lake Chann loves to swim at. Half way through their journey they were ambushed by group of evil demons (forgot what kind they were but they were a mixed group) and Chann watched as his parents were kept alive and conscious while being tortured and eaten. When they were getting to Chann he lost it. That group of demons where slaughtered until there was nothing but blood to mark their existence. Chann's uncle became Alpha as a war was starting up. 2 years into the war Chann found out that his Uncle was the cause of his parents' death. He challenged his uncle for the title Alpha. Chann protected by a leather breastplate and went with no weapons were as his uncle had a great sword and steel armor that coverd him from head to toe. Chann won and there was nothing left of his uncle except for ashes and the sword and armor was reduced to metal slivers. The war continued for 30 more years with Chann's side barely winning. Chann was 42 when the war ended and Chann being him told his pack to split up and become stronger for they had many enemies that wanted them dead. After that Chann went looking for his childhood friend for 58 more years. In that time he went to the nine hells and met Satin, who in this world is just the god of devils, and made him look like a fool. Satin wanted revenge and decided to take Chann's only living cousin and kill him in the nine hells. Chann went to go get his cousin and after Chann went through the nine hells went from unholy to holy and Satin both hates and fears Chann because Chann beat Satin within an inch of his life. Chann has a younger sister who was kidnaped at a young age, she is only 2 years younger than Chann, and she is presumed dead. Chann has had a rough past but he has pulled through and...well...became a guy who protects. Unknown to Chann he has 2 older siblings who are twins and the children of Melora, the goddess of the wilds and the sea. They were taken away and hiden to protect them and they are 18 years older than Chann. Chann is known as The Sky Demon because with 2 swords with blades of sunlight he can change into a "werewolf" with giant dark gray wings and he will take to the skies and summon huge storms. Big enough to make all of the gods and goddesses of storms jealous of his power. The swords can change into gauntlets that form around his paws and have spikes on the knuckles, which are made of sunlight. He is also known as the storm guardian because when one of his storms roll along the weak and innocent know that they will have nothing to fear because Chann will protect them. Oh, I also use him for Dungeons and Dragons but he hasn't gotten to his "Sky Demon" phase yet. He's getting closer though.