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Catching a wild pokemon.

by AkaCraft_Games

AkaCraft_Games This is a cool story about me catching a pokemon
AND....ACTION ok hey guys this is Craft here and I will be searching and catching a Drum roll plz. (Some one pushes drum role button) a Noibat here we are on a plane going to the Kalos region I will see you there (Turns camera off) hey guys I'm back we just landed in the Kalos region lets get work runs to reflection cave walks around sees Noibat runs after traps in a corner puts hand out Noibat comes closer I pet the Noibat asks if it woul like to come with me its nods throws poke ball at the poke ball shakes back and forth...... Ball stops moving alright I caught a Noibat thanks for your support guys I will be saying good bye now bye.
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  1. AkaCraft_Games
    I was board that day .
    Sep 14, 2015
  2. BryceTehTrainer
    short but nice at the same time!
    Sep 14, 2015