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by raccoonchan12

Pokemon - Cacodemai,Psedanion,Akamanio.png
raccoonchan12 Cacodemai The Demonic Pokemon *Sah-coh-dem-eye*
Type: Ghost/Poison
Height: 1"03
Weight: 2.05 lbs
Ability: Shadow Tag/Poison
Description: To those who had sawed this Pokemon, Cacodemai is known as "The devil's watchers".This pokemon is known to paralyzes its enemies when feeled threatened.Cacodemai is found around the Abandoned School,Tower of Souls,Eastern and Northern Areas of the region,and around the Gym Leader,Monique's Hometoewn.The orbs circuling around it supports its defense and accuracy.The moves this Pokemon has are the 1st four on the photo and beam moves.To ask for more,please contact me for more information.

Psedanion *Cee-Dan-Eon* the Soul Catcher Pokemon.
Type: Ghost/Poison
Height: 3"06 ft
Weight: 12.06 lbs.
Ability: Shadow Tag/Poison Point (Hidden Ability: Compoundeyes)
Description: Psedanion is the evolved form of Cacodemai.Pseadanion is told by people,that it is a "demon like" pokemon that collects the souls of the unliving,or the energies of Pokemon.There is no signs of this Pokemon's Origins or its past,but all they know,is that this Pokemon shares a type of Despair and Hatred. The moves this pokemon uses are the 1st 4 up there on the photo,and others,that are usually Non-Physical attacks.

Akamanio *Ah-kah-ma-neoh* The Lost Soul Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Fairy
Height: 3"06
Weight: 5 lbs.
Ability: Cursed Body *Typo from the picture.It was supposed to be Body not Pokemon*/ Magician (Hidden Ability: Bad Dreams)
Description: Akamanio was originally a small doll that was handmade,until it was thrown away from its creator.After years,this doll had been born as Akamanio,from despair,hatred.The 2 dark orbs above this doll are actually extra eyes that can shoot out a large amounts of hatred.This Pokemon is very rare to catch or find,there are only a few places to find Akamanio.This Pokemon does not evolve - right now,but I will try to make a next Evolution for it*. This Pokemon Attacks are listed on this photo.Plus,This type is a different Fairy and/or Ghost type,since this Pokemon can learn Dragon type moves,but its certain Dragon type moves.