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by SolidSpeedYouWillSucceed

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SolidSpeedYouWillSucceed As you probably know(If you read the Heartgold SoulSilver Manga's) Silver seemed to have developed a Liking for the Show 'Proteam Omega' closer to the end, and was seen watching the show at Gold's house(Refusing to leave until it aired.XD)

And I just found that to be pretty funny, I bet he has a whole collection of the toys and plays with them when no one's around! Hence the reason I made this comic. :3

I also Think I know why he's so into it.. when he was a kid, he was kidnapped by the masked man and trained ALL the time, never given any time to relax, or act like a real kid... he's just now starting to embrace his freedom childish nature and wonder at the age of 16, He also never lived his life after that calmly until The FireRed LeafGreen arc. Therefore making his Childish wonder run wild, and still possessing a wild imagination and childish interests makes for a bit more of a reason.

-Just a theory~

Time taken on drawing: I Forget! X)
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  1. SolidSpeedYouWillSucceed
    Nov 18, 2015
  2. Renimo
    Good work
    Nov 18, 2015