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Burning Souls: A Hoenn Wonderlocke adventure: Burning Souls 2: The Magma Team Returns

by TheOneCipher

TheOneCipher This is what happened after last chapter, just a bit of training and a tentacool ready to be traded, but Nathaniel finds out about a dark force at play.
Nathaniel was exiting the Seashore House on Route 109. His pokemon all had a chance to shine there. Nobody died, his pokemon were leveling up and it was beautiful weather. A perfect day! Nathaniel said "Why don't we fish for a pokemon we can wondertrade, what do you say, Gible?" Gible responded "I think we should do this master, you made a wise choice." Nathaniel told him "What are we waiting for? Let's fish!"

Nathaniel threw his buoy into the water...Bam! He was too late pulling it in! "Let's try again somewhere else." He said. They moved to another spot where they could fish. He threw the lure into the water...Bam! He reeled in a tentacool! It looked pretty angry. "Go, Gible!" Nathaniel said. The sand shark creature hopped towards the tentacool. "Use tackle!" He said. The sand shark pokemon let out a scream and smashed into the tentacool. The tentacool fell but then got up. The tentacool used supersonic, letting out a soundwave which was horrible to listen to. Gible got out of the way. Nathaniel used a pokeball..It broke free! The tentacool unleashed another supersonic which Gible dodged. Nathaniel looked at a premier ball he got as a bonus for buying ten pokeballs. He threw the white ball and encapsulated the tentacool...It was caught! It was transfered to his PC with Zigzachs and the other zigzagoon he got in a trade. "Trade that later." He muttered to himself.

He went to Slateport, realizing that he had to get the Devon Parts to Stern. He went into the ferry station to find him. Not there! He exited and went into a workshop of some sort. On the way he saw some of those Team Magma thugs that he battled earlier on his adventure. They were crowding the museum. "What would those nut jobs want now?" He muttered. He entered the workshop. He saw a man desperately trying to make a boat of some sort. Nathaniel asked "Excuse me, but is Stern here?" The man responded. "He is not, why do you need him?" Nathaniel showed him the Devon Parts. The man said. "In that case then, you need to go to the museum over there. He is on the top floor I think."

He went to the museum. He went in and the receptionist screamed "You there! You need to pay reception! It costs 50 poke!" Nathaniel sighed. He literally payed the price and moved on to the top floor. He made a left turn from the stairs and found Stern. Stern looked at him in confusion and then Nathaniel showed him the Devon Parts. Stern's face lit up. "These must be the Devon Parts I ordered! Thank you very much for travelling far to get these to me!" Nathaniel replied "Travelling is what I do. He said politely." Stern said "Now we can go on our expedition!" Suddenly, two guys in red walked up to them. "We demand the Devon Parts now!" The team magma grunt said. Nathaniel remembered the first time he fought one of them. That grunt was after the same things these guys were! "If you don't hand it over, I'll make you!" he said. Nathaniel responded "Step to the side, Captain Stern, I will deal with these idiots." The grunt said "Bring it!"

The first grunt only had one pokemon, a numel. Nathaniel sent out his Pichu. He was worried for the Pichu's safety, so he sent out his Slowpoke instead. While that happened, the grunt screamed "Use focus energy!" The numel took a deep breath. It looked a lot more determined than before. It looked like it was ready to do some critical damage. It didn't matter though. "Use water pulse!" A massive blue ball made of water sent the numel flying. It fainted. The grunt was panicking. The other one said "I, the ace grunt will deal with this!"

The other one sent out a zubat. Nathaniel sent out Pichu. "Pichu, thunder wave!" He said. The small electric mouse fired off a jolt of electricity the slowed down the zubat and had sparks fly off of it. It was paralyzed. The zubat moved though using bite. The bat thing bit Pichu with its massive fangs. Pichu looked hurt. "Will you be fine?" He asked the small electric mouse. It nodded. "Use nasty plot." Pichu thought of the worst possible thing it could do to the zubat. The nasty thoughts stimulated and boosted his special attack by a lot. "Zubat, use supersonic!" The bat emitted an atrocious sound. Pichu dodged that. "Now! Use Thundershock!" The pichu fired off a small shock at Zubat, it caused Zubat to faint. The grunt called Zubat back. Nathaniel's concise told him that the grunt would send out a numel. "Pichu, return!" He said. The pichu went back into its ball. "Go Slowpoke!" Nathaniel said. Slowpoke came out of its ball just as Numel did. "Use water pulse!" The Slowpoke opened its gapping mouth and fired a ball of water at the numel. It fainted. "Good job Slowpoke, Return." The pokemon went back into its ball.

The grunts looked confused. "How could we lose to such a small child?" They stammered. Suddenly, an important-looking figure went into the scene. He said "Greetings, I am Maxie, leader of Team Magma. Our goal is to expand the landmass of the earth because of other opportunities in life and business. I saw you guys battle, and the way you did would ensure you win against any grunts I send. Do not oppose us again, or we will be more hostile. Come on grunts, let's go home." The grunts responded "Sir yes sir!" The three of them left. Nathaniel and Stern were both too stunned to speak. Stern just left and Nathaniel thought that this journey was getting weirder by the battle. He pondered this for a while. To be Continued...
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