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Burning Souls: A Hoenn Wonderlocke adventure: Burning Souls 1: An Introduction

by TheOneCipher

TheOneCipher The start of a wonderlocke series. In this you meet the main characters and stuff like that.
Nathaniel set up camp at Slateport City. It had been a busy couple of days. He was doing a challenge that said that every pokemon he owned must be wonder traded, explaining why he had such an unusual team. He remembered Roxanne's gym battle, it was grueling and his Poochyena Chef and his Taillow both died due to the battle. Everyone, especially Roxanne was really sorry about his loss. He was grieving but also curious on why this would happen. His Pichu didn't die when a Makuhita defeated it so he came to the conclusion that his pokemon will die instead of faint in trainer battles only. Nathaniel also remembered the second gym, His loyal Braixen Psybeamed his way through Brawley's pokemon to victory.

He also got a letter to this man named Steven. He met him in front of a massive mural depicting a massive pokemon destroying the land, complete with volcanoes erupting. He sighed. So much had happened to Nathaniel until he came here.

He looked at his team, he let them run free for a bit. His Braixen, Feuer by his side. He saw Nosferapti the Zubat flying overhead. He saw Gible and Pichu playing ball, Duflor the Gloom, well he did nothing. And Slowpoke was just lying by the beach. Nathaniel looked at Feuer. "This was a busy journey, wasn't it my friend. " The Braixen nodded and added "I feel bad for Chef and Taillow's deaths. Zigzachs is torn in half because of their passing." Nathaniel responded "Don't feel bad for their deaths, it wasn't in your control." He remembered the zigzagoon weeping. Chef and Taillow were Zigzachs' closest friends. Nathaniel said "Tomorrow is another day." To be continued.
  1. TheOneCipher
    Chapter 2 is out!
    Apr 22, 2017