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Pokémon X Adventures: Bugs vs. the weakened fire

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Bryce meets his archenemy
Bryce quickly dashed to the Pokémon center as many trainers wanted to battle him "sorry guys and gals but to the Pokémon center I'm going!" Bryce tripped on a rock but before he hit head first into the ground he did a roll "Bryce Pokémon roll out!" Bryces Pokéballs started falling out of his bag and then Bryce got out of the rolling forever thing "noooo!" Bryce held onto his Pidgeys leg and made it "losers! Muahahahaha!" Bryces Pidgey gave up and fell to the ground "fu-" Bryce got covered by schoolboys and schoolgirls before he could finish his sentence Bryce broke out of the pile of schoolboys and schoolgirls then made it to the Pokémon center "we did it all in 1 piece!" (Bryce fainted!) "shut up text box!" (More like you shut up!) (text box used take words back! It's super effective!) Bryce got up then he realized he lost his hat (text box used cool faces 8)8)8)! It's super effective!) "boo!" Shuana then came up "oh great you again.. I've gotta say theses routes are tough" Bryce said looking at a schoolboy who wants to go though the windows "yeah I don't know WHATS going on!" Shuana said with a strange urge to go beat up all of the trainers "gym time!" Bryce flew on his pidgey to the gym "I've gotta check the PC here!" Shuana said with a smile "the windows operating system is now loading it will take 1838298372983 years,1 month,2 weeks,6 days,23 hours,35 minutes and 36 seconds until loading is done" Shuana left "Viola!" Bryce said with a grin "if you choose Chespin you're dead to me!" Viola said while her surskit was out "I'd better not tell Shuana about this" Bryce said while holding Fennikens Pokéball "go Fenniken!"
5 minutes of being creamed later by a butterfly who Finnish Bryces Fenniken later "no more counting EVs you'll know we'll be super training hard~!" THE END
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  1. BryceTehTrainer
    I swear that stupid water sporting surskit is my archenemy
    Dec 9, 2015