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Boryia Stories: Boryia Stories: "The Strongest under the Boryia's Sky"

by Clite of Dragonbow

Clite of Dragonbow Astolfo, Bracian's diplomat and one of Puresoulia's Family members visited Colloseum in Kiutori Empire. He didn't know that he will met there a young man that will one of Important parts of his family destiny.
It was a very hot afternoon in the largest city of the Kiutorian Empire, Krisniesi. A man in his forties in purple robes, decorated with gold threads with an emblem of purple heart, was walking along the main streets of this very crowded city.
"You will definitely enjoy this spectacle at the Coliseum, Mr. Astolfo," said the man walking next to him, he seemed a little younger, dressed in the blue-gray costume of Imperial diplomats. "Reinhard is the pride of our Colosseum, he is a really powerful warrior" said the man.
"I'm not a fan of fighting at the Colosseum" Astolfo told calmly.
"I'm still sure that you will have fun" replied the other man, and they entered the Coliseum together.
In a meantime, two other people entered the large room. One young, about twenty and the other older, aged over 50. They were both dressed in armor and had girded swords in their scabbards.
"So ... Is this the room?" asked the younger.
"Yes" answered the older one.
The room was huge, there was unfinished food everywhere and piles of bronze, silver and gold coins. After a while, the young guard saw sixs young women on the sofa, cuddling to a huge man.
This man must have been in late thirties or so, huge, about 8 or 9 feet tall. Very muscular with many scars on his body after many fights. His hair was brownish-red, once just brown, but this man did not care much about taking baths and the blood of his opponents dried on his hair, changing their color. His hair was also long, untidy and He had brown eyes. On his back were tattoos with people's heads, there were 120 tattoos ...
The young guard almost screamed as he saw him, this man was pure barbarian and war lover. This man was now yawning on the sofa, surrounded by woman, eating like entire army and having a true tresury here.
"W-w-what is with this guy?!? Sloth.. Lust..Gluttony..Greed!? Is he some kind incarnation of desire?" young guard said aloud.
"Yes, he is the pride of this Coloseum" said the old guard.
"So he is..."
"Wake Up already!!!" the old man yelled. Girls almost jumped out of the sofa and ran away. Meanwhile the barbarian has woke up.
"*Yawns* What happend, you old geezer?" he asked.
"Its time for your fight Reinhard. Move your three letters from this sofa" said the old guy. Reinhard laughed and pressed his palm to the wall, breaking through it.
"His hand... Ginormous..." the young guard said in mind.
"Alright" started Reinhard, he stood up and walked to a giant Hammer with a huge Element Crystals on it's handle. "Time to put on this bloody show!" he said and left his room.
"This man..." Young guard started.
"Yes" the old man cut in "He may be the strongest warrior of our colloseum, but he is really dangerous, although warriors should avoid killing... From his 120 fights... He killed all of his opponents.. This man. 'God of Thunders' Reinhard"
"Who is his current opponent?"
"Some really unlucky fresh blood..."

Astolfo and his companion took their place in the stands, cheers and screams resounded throughout the entire coliseum.
"Seems that you have a full hause" said Astolfo.
"Yes, I have told you. Reinhard is our colloseum pride" said the man.

In the middle of the colloseum stood someone, who probably took a role of comentator. He had to take a deep breath and yell for everyone to hear him.
"Itsssss time for a great battle to take place! On my left comes this man! Huge like a giant, but stronger than giants. This man is known as Colloseums most powerful warrior. 120 fights and all won by killing his opponent, it will be his 121 fight here! 'God of Thunders' Reeeeinnharrrd!!!" when commentator yelled his man, cheerings on the Colloseums became even louder and almost wild. Reinhard came out and stood on the Colloseum grounds. The floor was crushed under his feets.
"Aaand on my left comes this young boy! Found in the wild, he fought many legendary beasts and powerful people. We had to capture him during his sleep. Now, he either dies or stay alive. He fought here only two times, but have won both! 'The Divine Rookie!' Andreaaaasss!!!" When commentator said this name, cheerings weren't as loud. Young boy, probably 17 years old walked up to the arena. He had short, icy blue hair and although he also was quite muscular and had his own amount of scars. He wasn't as muscular as Reinhard and was 3 feets smaller than him.
"That's the end for Andreas!" said man to Astolfo.
"Why?" he asked.
"Becouse Reinhard always kills his opponents"
"So you just send the boy with all the future ahead of him to die for your fun?"
"Well umm... Oh look, they are gonna begin soon!" said the man.
"Good luck kid" said Astolfo in mind, Andreas seemed like a nice boy to him... And now he was going to die.

Reinhard rushed at the boy with an astonishing for his weight and swinged at him with his oversized hammer. Andreas... Blocked it with his Glaive.
"Hmmm... Have I not put enough strenght?" Reinhard said to himself and swinged again, an enormous shockwave spread on entire area, on the floor and walls appeard cracks, wind of an impact could be felt by all of the spectators. However, Andreas still stood on his feets. He blocked hammer with his Glaive's handle again, yet on his right cheek appeard a small scratch. Blood was driping on the floor with individual drops.
"Quite a nice blow... But mister, Why are you fighting?" asked Andreas.
"Nevermind... You stink from alcohol..." whispered Andre and pushed his opponent away.

"Hey, hey. What is happening?"
"Yeah, shouldn't this kid die by now?"
The crowd seem to be confused, but they weren't as confused as Reinhard.
"H-how can this be?! I am the 'God of Thunders'! The strongest warrior! You! Are! Nothing!!!" Clouds suddenly start to gather above the colloseum and change color to black. Lightnings start to crush Colloseum floor as they hit every time different place. After a while, many lightnings hit his hammer.
"Prepare to die! God's Hammer!"
Reinhard swinged his hammer at Andreas, aiming for a head. Andre raised his Glaive.
A Gargantuan explosion happend on the colloseum. Entire area was destroyed to a great amout of magical power used by Reinhard's divine weapon.
Crack appeard on the Glaive, Andre was on his knees, pushed to the ground.
However, he didn't receive even a scratch. Meanwhile Reinhard had a big wound across his chest.
"I-Impossible!" He mumbled.
"I will show you the difference between our strenght, you giant" said Andreas, he kicked Reinhard away, but Reinhard manage to land on his feet three meters from Andre. Andre grasped his Glaive between his two fingers and raised it to the air. Wind started to surround glaive "Goodbye... Sky Eater" he slashed in front of him and then... A huge wound appeard on another side of Reinhard, who fell unconscious at the floor.. Dead.

People didn't get what happend, but Astolfo knew. He looked up at the sky during that attack, at gathered clouds. He saw as powerful downward swing split the sky itself, the clouds that were gathered by Reinhard in half.

Andreas, the Strongest under the Boryia's Sky, was the winner.

"I want him..." whispered Astolfo.
"What?" asked the man next to him.
"I want him to protect her... My family future."