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book covers

by Aaronimations

Untitled-1 (1).png You Scream i scream we all scream for ice cream.png Untitled-1.png
Aaronimations here are some of the book covers of books im writing there are a couple that i cant find but i will still leave basic details for each one
The Abandoned Boy: a group a friends goes to adandoned town to explore the houses they end up going to one of the oldest houses there first they go outback when almost the whole group goes inside the main character (yet to be named) stays outback to indulge in his obsession with nature he sees something moving the green mucky water of the pool to find merkid (half boy half fish thing) in the water he gets scared but when he sees it isnt trying to attack he gets closer and says hi and it responses with hello and stuff happens from there

You scream i scream we all scream for ice cream: the last man in the world is trapped in an abandoned amusment park the more he progesses throught this never ending park the more he hears voices and of jiberish is he going insane? is he not the last one?

My Phantom Still Haunts me: a man suffering with BIID (Body integrity identity disorder) lives a life suffering from it after progressing far throughout the story he finally amputates it and he starts feeling the most intense phantom pains possible (phantom pains are pains in the feeling of a missing limb) this story gets kinda sad in

i havnt finished any of these stories but they will be finished in awhile but hope you guys liek the stories
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