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Book 1: The Jorny Begins

by CW0113

CW0113 Young Wilson really wants to become a Pokémon Master. But first he needs to get a starter Pokémon. And to do that he needs to get to the lab. Will he make it in time?
Capter 1: Wilson
Wilson has always wanted to become a Pokémon Master. Now that he can get a starter Pokémon, he can finally become a Pokémon Master.
"I can't wait to get a starter Pokémon!" Wilson exclaimed.
"Well, I don't think Pokémon Masters are that impatient," Wilson's mom replied. "And I should know, I was a Pokémon Master once. Oh, hi, Ditto. I thought you got lost in the vents again." Ditto gets stuck in the vents because of his gooey structure.
"I'm done with my breakfast!" Wilson said, impatiently.
"Good! Here is a map!" Wilson's mom replied.
Wow! Wilson though. A Pokémon Trainer, finally. I'm going to choose Charmander! Wilson decided

Wilson finally got to the lab. He was the first one there. He went into the lab.
"Hello," A voice said, making Wilson jump.
"H-hi," Wilson replied, a little shaken.
"Sorry to scare you. The name's Oak," The voice said. Just then Professor Oak turned on the lights.
"I'm here for a Starter Pokémon," Wilson said.
"Ok. What Pokémon do you choose?" The professor asked.
"I choose Charmander," Wilson replied.
"Ok," Oak said. Then, Oak gave Wilson a Pokéball.
"Thanks," Wilson said.
Then Wilson went off. Not knowing what lied ahead.
As Wilson started his journey, he came across a Pikachu.
"Ok," Wilson said. "Go Charmander!"
He threw a Pokéball. It was empty.
"Oops," Wilson said. "I threw the wrong Pokéball! Go Charmander!"
He threw a different Pokéball. That time, Charmander came out.
"Now, use Ember!" Wilson said.
"Char!" Charmander yelled, as the Pokémon used Ember.
"Pikachu!" A voice said, coming from the forest.
Just then, someone came out of the forest. It was Ash Ketchum. "Oh, there you are!" Ash said.
"Hi!" Wilson said.
"Oh, hi!" Ash said
"My name is Wilson from the Kanto region," Wilson said.
"My name is Ash, from the same region," Ash said.
Then, they went into the forest.
"Weedle!" a voice said.
Wilson and Ash were in a Weedle infested area.
"Why are Weedles so annoying?" Wilson asked.
"Because Pokémon can only say there names, and Weedles are talkative," Ash replied.
"Caterpie!" a caterpie said.
"A caterpie!" Wilson said. "I thought there would only be Weedles!"
"No, Pokémon can be anywhere." Ash replied.
"Like my mom's Ditto?" Wilson asked.
"Yeah, a Ditto is a Pokémon," Ash replied.
Just then, a Beedrill appeared.
"Go Charmander!" Wilson said.
"Charmander, use Ember!" Wilson commanded.
Then, Charmander use Ember. The Beedrill used poison sting. The Beedrill got burned.
"Now, use scratch!" Wilson said.
Charmander used scratch. The Beedrill used bug bite. The Beedrill got hurt by the burn. Wilson used a Pokéball. He caught the Pokémon!
When Wilson and Ash got out of the woods, they saw a meowth.
"There's the Pikachu we've been looking for!" Meowth said. Then, two people came out of the bushes.
"You're not getting my Pikachu Team Rocket!" Ash said.
Just then, Pikachu attacked Team Rocket
"Eh, we've gotten used to it,"They said, flying through the air.
As Wilson and Ash continue with there journey, it's getting on They come across another Pokémon. And it would be surprisingly on.
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