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Blanka vs Feraligatr

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Blanka vs Feraligatr
After devouring a delicious yellow rat, Blanka was wondering through a swamp, which was part of the jungle they were in. Suddenly, he saw a large blue crocodile emerge through the water and growl. Blanka didn’t realise it was invading the Pokémon’s territory, and even worse thought it was more food. The water Pokémon, Feraligatr, was running at Blanka, who narrowly dodged and punched Feraligatr. The two hulking beasts roared at each other and began a fight. Blanka spun at the Crocodile, who dodged and slashed at Blanka, then head-butted him. Feraligatr then used Water Gun, which Blanka blocked, then shocked Feraligatr. The water beast grunted, then used Ice Fang. Blanka screamed and tried getting his foe off by electrocuting him, but Feraligatr stood strong and made Blanka’s arms bleed. Feraligatr used Water Gun again, this time drowsing Blanka in the back. Blanka ran forward, the water going down his throat, making him cough. Feraligatr took his chance and used Hydro Pump. Blanka was sent flying into a swamp and he began looking for eels. After finding one, Blanka gained some more electrical energy. Blanka jumped out and zapped Feraligatr with full power. The water type howled in pain and tried running away, but bonked into a rock instead. This gave the crocodile an idea, so he tossed the boulder at his opponent. Blanka tried to block, but it ended up hurting Blanka badly. Blanka screamed and rolled fast at Feraligatr, surrounded in electricity. He was using the Rolling Attack. Blanka slammed into the crocodile, which sent Feraligatr high up, but came down with a Superpower. Blanka was smashed into the ground, and he groaned in pain. Feraligatr walked away, tired, but heard an electrical spark. It was Blanka, using one more attack, which would use up all his electrical power. Electric Thunder. Blanka crouches, ready to attack, while Feraligatr uses his strongest attack, Surf. Feraligatr jumped up, and tossed a water sphere at the ground, creating a giant wave of water and power. Blanka used the Electric Thunder, which managed to keep the water a way for a while, but it eventually ignored the electricity, and crashed down on Blanka, who screamed. As the waves rolled for a while, the die down into the swamp and we can see Feraligatr slowly walking over to the drowned, lifeless green beast. Feraligatr stomps on Blanka’s back, crushing the body’s spine. Feraligatr then roars out in victory and walks back to his swamp.
This fight’s winner is: