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In Depth Shait for my OC's: Bios: Nova

by AceyPie

AceyPie A Mew that is obsessed with Candy
Name: Nova Mercillculis
Species: New
Age: 900,000,000,000,000 years old
Ability: Sugar Saiyan
Favorite Item: Rage Candy Bar
Favorite Food: Candy
Favorite Drink: None
Hobbies: Eating Candy, Freaking Out
Favorite Place: Her Cave
Friends:Volt, Colt, Vivian, Alexa, Ajax, Aria, Peachy, Razor, Zyte, Ava, Spark, TT, Vanna, Mammon, Beelzubub, Phoenix, Torch, Storm, Galaxy, Molly, Sprocket, Midas.
Relationships: Volt(Close Friend) Candy
Anything Unique?: Apart from her Absolute Obsession with Candy, Her Tail is striped Blue and Pink
General Mood: Happy
Sociality Level: Friendly
Moves: Nova can basically copy every move she sees with or without Z-Crystals
Unique Moves
Candy Meteor
Ancient Alph
Unique Items
Her Cave is full of things you have never seen before
Battle Strategy: None She acts differently every battle so her strategy is unpredictable
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