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Big Galar art dump

by Sky Captain

Untitled123_20191214010746.png videotogif_2019.12.22_13.12.19.gif 20191213_191652~2.jpg 20191130_181153~2.jpg 20191128_110806~2.jpg Untitled128_20191223101017.png Untitled129_20191226011759.png
Sky Captain Hi I really really love Galar it's possibly my new fave region
I've been drawing and doodling a ton of SwSh stuff so this is just a small sample of what I've done but yea-

If you can't tell I really like Inteleon and Gordie-
And I have Shield so uh
I don't even get to battle Gordie rip me :')
But he's still my fav gym leader now
(Unless Blue counts ofc...and even then it's really really close)
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