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The Adventures of Sir Sceptile: BEWEAR!!!

by Red_The_Champion

Red_The_Champion I'm sorry I haven't posted a story in so long!
"The Bewear Trio had to be here somewhere!" murmured Kyle as he and Sceptile sprinted through the woods. The evil trio had been making their Pokemon, Bewear, grab huge objects, most likely trees, and throw them in the city and cause mass destruction. Most of the lumber had come from this part of the Petalburg Forest, so they should have been here!

Suddenly, Kyle, or the Sir, heard a sound WHUMP! from the other side of the forest. Using his newly developed skills, he had Sceptile Leaf Storm him all the way there! He flew over the ground and saw, to his amazement, a whole circle with a radius of 200 ft. of trees missing! He then saw the culprits behind this, driving away in their truck!

He landed on the back of one of the trucks, kicked the window, but was shoved out by a Bewear, who hopped out of the car and was about to pulverize him with all of its weight before Sceptile used Leaf Blade and blew it into the trucks, stopping it. The evil trio, groaning, came out.

"What is this all about?" asked the leader of the crew.

"I'm here to bring you to justice and stop all this havoc you are causing!" exclaimed the Sir.

The two goons behind their leader laughed. "If that's what you think!" exclaimed their leader. Suddenly, all three of the Bewear surrounded the Sir and Sceptile, blocking them. Sceptile used Leaf Storm on all of them, but they seemed unfazed. Then, they all used Brick Break and blasted him to the ground so hard it landed in a crater!

Sceptile was still willing to fight and used Quick Attack, but suddenly, they all used Hyper Beam! Sceptile tried to stop it with Leaf Storm but the moves were too powerful! It was about to be over for Sceptile....

Suddenly, a Swellow appeared and used Aerial Ace on all three of the Bewear, knocking them backwards. This gave Sceptile the chance to use Leaf Blade and knock them all into one pile. They were done!

"And now...... justice!" said the Sir as he hopped on his motorcycle and sped after the goons, while Sceptile tied up the Bewear.

The goons went on a mountain path, and as the Sir sped behind them, they used gas to blind him. The Sir kept driving forward in the smog, and he kept driving straight until....

His bike veered off a cliff. He fell down thirty feet and was about to crash..... But his bike landed on something. It was a huge jet! From the jet, a woman said, "So, Sir Sceptile, looks like I have to save you!"

The Sir groaned. "Thanks, but who are you exactly?"

The woman laughed. "For now, just call me the Aerial Swellow!" Aerial Swellow brought the jet back to the cliff, and the Sir quickly sped after the goons, and when they least expected it, he threw a device at their car, which trapped them in a Leaf Storm!

Above it, the Aerial Swellow lowered the jet into the tornado and took the criminals in, tying them up, and then dropped them in front of the Sir. Then, she flew away.

"Until next time!" said the Sir, as he took the criminals to justice.
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  1. Red_The_Champion
    May 2, 2017
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    Ur storys are soo cool!
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