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by Alola Warrior

Alola Warrior
I just want a hug that's it but every time I hug someone they end up getting hurt. I wish for someone to hug me without getting hurt I traveled region to region but with no luck. I don't like to battle cuz I will just hurt someone again...then one day I met a girl. "Why the long face?"she asked me "do you wanna hug?" I wanted to hug her but I hesitated I didn't want to hurt anyone again then she hugged me. "Don't worry I can handle it" she said. I hugged her and.....she didn't get hurt it was a miracle I finally hugged someone without hurting them I was so happy I cried."There, there I got you. You don't need to cry,"she said with a soothing voice. I wiped my eyes and went off to the forest waving at her as she waved back I will never forget that moment.