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Before: Before: Chaos Bringer PROLOGUE

by obey_jaidon

obey_jaidon Prologue of Part II Of 'Before'
"He's dangerous. He could end us all." Celestia carefully warned.
The rest were quiet, being tempted to not accept the facts. Zezanna exhaled slowly admitting, "Doesn't mean we can't beat him."
"What makes you so sure about that? He is plain chaotic; it's discord!" Obsidian raised his voice in full rage.
"What if we can - work it out?...." Luna proposed. "Yes, he is chaotic, may also be discord, but what if we had the chance of handling it without war? That'll make our subjects worry; the last thing we want is that."
"Luna, when we need to raise our weapons, we will raise our weapons. But I guess..." Zezanna slowly turned her head towards Celestia, seeing if she would interrupt to say if she agreed with her or not, but Celestia already made her choice.
"Zezanna is right, dear sister. We will first talk it out, but option B would be physically handling it."