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BeeBee! (Pokesona -w-)

by LostlornForest

BeeBee ref.png
LostlornForest Might as well make my first art post on here be (one of my/my main) Pokesona! Well, this is BeeBee and she's a shiny Zubat -3- she's based off of my Zubat plushie with the whole "flooped ear" thing. (also yes, I gave her a tail for some reason, idk why .-. maybe because tails are cool -3-) ((and I guess this is like.. A mini ref sheet ._. the art is kinda old but eh -3-" I may redo this sooner or later))
  1. LokaMocha
    So cute!
    Mar 26, 2019
  2. Bolero
    I do not like OC But what you did deserves my respect.
    Even though my respect is useless
    Mar 12, 2019
  3. DreamyVictini
    I never thought a Zubat could look so cute :D
    Mar 12, 2019
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