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BDF Chapter 5: The Dragon

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja This is based off true event in life, You know how people say you cant or are not something, and feel completely rejected even if they're joking. It sucks trust me. So I'm writing this chap for all those people who were told they cant do or be anything, I have two words for them:
You Can.
Today wasn't going so great for Austin...
Today everyone was doing they're own thing, and that's what Austin wanted, but he didn't know what his own thing was.
He went and thought to try some activities the winx would like:

He tried playing music with Musa. But he could barely play the Banjo. Let alone tripped when trying to dance.

Tecna was the next fail. He decided to try and learn coding from her, but that resulted in him accidentally making her computer crash.

"Third times the charm" Austin thought and tried gardening with Flora. However that resulted in him alomst getting eaten by a huge Flytrap.

His fourth attempt was surfing with Aisha. but let's just say he had one wipe out too many...

His fifth and final attempt was Bloom, if anything she could help him no mater how disastrous.
Austin asked, and Bloom mentioned doing art with her. This seemed to be the one good thing he was doing,
"Finally, no crude disasters" Austin thought happily.
At that second, Stella came in with a new dress she had been working weeks on. She raced over to show thew girls, then went to bloom's room.

"It looks great Austin, thanks," Bloom smiled.
Austin carried out the spare paint but at that time Stella burst through and knocked into Austin, paint flew and landed all over Stella's dress, and her in general...

"Oh... I'm sorry" Austin said.

Stella growled at Austin, he felt like being in a cage with a just awoken lion.

"YOU"!!!! Stella Growled anger.

"Hey, stop saying that" Bloom said.
"It's true" The others kinda slightly agreed.
"He broke my computer" Tecna said.
"Kicked the stereo system" Musa said.
"Almost burned my plants alive" Flora said though feeling more sorrow then rage.
" You aren't even a real fairy" Stella said.
"Your not a Winx, Your a Wank"!

Tears fell down Austin's cheek and he raced out of the building, feeling nothing but betrayl, sadness, and hatred.

"Austin wait" Bloom said holding her hand out, but he was gone.

He could hear them talking and arguing from outside. He raced down the lonely night streets of Gardenia, he should have known better then to trust anyone, because they will always betray him, he thought.

He sat in a dark ally, found a spare box, sat down and cried...

Meanwhile, a dark portal opened, and a new shadow appeared It clawed out of the portal and grazed it's bright evil yellow eyes across this city.

"Who can share the pain and darkness I have within" It said, and quickly noticed the Destraught Austin.
And with that, it started to fly off in his direction.

meanwhile, Bloom and Stella were going at it, arguing that he was his own important person, and that Stella should not have said such mean things. Meanwhile Stella saying that he ruins whatever he touches, and they were dumb to think they should trust him, with him running or fighting them off. This continued for about another Half hour, then they all looked to see a huge purple light up ahead.

"Hey kid, I sense your strong negativatiy" The shadow said circling austin.
"What's got ch'a down son"?

"My friends absolutely hate me" Austin said.
"They say such horrible things, so i ran off".

The creature smiled, as it was absorbing that negative energy.
"Oh boy, that's a real shame. bet you feel really angry at them right now huh"

"Yeah, they're my friends, how could they do that" Austin said.

"That's the thing, they aren't your friends, if they were, they'd be looking for you now wouldn't they"?
The shadow said.

"You got a good point" Austin said. thinking about how cruel and angry they were at him.

"Your not one of them, but you are something special indeed" The shadow said.
"Why don't you come with me, i'll be your friend".

The shadow offered his hand, when the winx soon rushed and found it.
"Austin! Don't"! Bloom shouted.
Austin looked over and saw the Winx and gained a surprised look.

"What do you want"? Austin asked.

"Look, were sorry for what happened, we care for you alot, he dosen't"
Bloom said.

"Don't listen to them" The shadow hissed.
"they are the ones who left you, they dont care"!

"austin listen! you belong with us, your like family to us, to me, you ARE a Winx"!

Austin: Fully opened his eyes in realization,
"She's right" He thought... he slowly got up, and took out all the dreamix armor he had.

"WHAT"S HAPPENING"!? The shadow cried.
The winx shielded their eyes, as Austin transformed into his Dreamix, then glowed again
The 4 chips glowed, and attached to him, He gained one andrew Blade, the karli pen on his back, a reaper cape around him, and the 2B cannon on his other arm.
"Austin! DREAMIX X4"!!!!!

The light stopped, and the winx saw, this new form of his, he combined with all of his armor...
"Woah"! They all said.

"Bloom is right, I may be clumsy, destructive, and a bit reckless, but if anything I am....
He opens his fiery blue eyes which petrifies the shadow
"I AM A WINX"!!!!!!!

Austin charged at the shadow at incredible speed, bashing it with the Andrew blade, the attack was so powerfull it struck the shadow through a few houses, Austin flew up and took out the cannon.

"This is for everyone you and your kind decieve" Austin said as he fired a huge blue blast, it destroyed the shadow in only a matter of seconds. The winx raced over to where austin landed, as he changed back, they all raced over and hugged him tight.

"We love you austin, and were sorry" Stella said.
"Please, dont ever leave us" Bloom said
"I won't, promise" Austin said crying happily and hugged them back. They all cried happily, as it had been a very eventfull night, but Friends will always be together...
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