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Bastet Among the Lilies

by StellarWind Elsydeon

StellarWind Elsydeon The internet loves cats. So did the Ancient Egyptians – and Bastet, their cat goddess, was also a goddess of protection, fertility and the pleasures of life. Lilies, conversely, have acquired an association with purity, innocence, renewal and death.

This design speaks of a little bit of both – contrasting and completing each other in a cycle – with a bit of an ancient Egyptian flair added into the mix.

If you like cats, lilies or ancient Egyptian deities, this might be a design for you.

This design is available for purchase via Teepublic or Redbubble.
  1. StellarWind Elsydeon
    StellarWind Elsydeon
    Well, yes - Bastet is associated with joy, dance, music and love, among other things!
    Jul 28, 2015
    Pretty Pichu likes this.
  2. _Umbreon_
    Pleasures of life...

    Jul 28, 2015
  3. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    This is positively gorgeous~! ♥
    Definitely one of my favorites of what you've drawn so far. :)
    Jul 28, 2015