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Ask the Epic Squad!: Bad News...

by CrazyUmbreonLady

CrazyUmbreonLady Selene and Erupta have been turned into stone! They're now in the Voidlands, and will be until next weekend, the next time I'll be on my 2DS.

During that time, I (CrazyUmbreonLady) will serve as mediator between the Epic Squad and PokeCharms because of unknown logic. I'll also still draw the responses.

Sorry about how darn blurry Selene looks.
  1. EspeonTheBest
    Oh no!
    (My ask question)

    Have you seen Team Emberleaf in the Voidlands? Autumn (Fennekin) and Kip (Treekco) must be lost at this point... They're horrible with directions...
    Nov 30, 2015