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Gaiien Region: BABOU!! SERPENTINE!!: Ocerot and Mictluar

by Keleri

ocerot line.png
Keleri Ocerot ⟶ (lv. 35) Mictluar

#110 - Ocerot (ocelot + rot)
Zombie Pokémon
According to folklore, it was a beloved pet that followed its guardian to the afterlife. It wanders between the two worlds unable to decide if it wants to be in or out.
Learnset: Scratch, Growl, Leer, Lick, Astonish, Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Feint Attack, Trick, Pain Split, Shadow Claw, Skullduggery, Night Slash

#111 - Mictluar (Mictlán + jaguar)
Psychopomp Pokémon
It is said to appear to lead souls to the afterlife, helping them descend the trees that hold up the living world. It collects the treasures of the dead, giving it a rich appearance.
Base Stats: 100/100/100/60/60/80 (500)
Ability: Mummy/[Weighing of Souls (When it faints, it returns one other fainted pokemon in the party to a quarter health.)]
Learnset: Destiny Bond, Phantom Force, Soul Tether, Soul Drain, Tombstoner, Crystal Bell, Crystal Shard, Diamond Dust, Glass Needle, Crystal Claw, Obsidian Mirror, Prismatic Lens, Twinning, Gem Explosion, Shatterstorm, Unholy Dirge, To Xibalba

#5 of Gaiien's 9 cat evo lines (I LIKE CATS.), these two are heavier and slower than most of the other kitties and found in Gaiien's far south and sister region Tanos. The Crystal-type Elite Four member of Gaiien, Lapis, uses a Mictluar.

Fake type alert: Crystal type is based on the fantasy of magical crystals, resonance, synchronicity, reflection etc.

Currently in my notes the type effectivenesses are: 2x effective versus Ice, Fairy; 0.5x effective versus Fire, Rock, Steel, Crystal, Acid; Takes 2x damage from Fire, Fighting, Steel, Sound, Acid; takes 0.5x damage from Water, Ice, Psychic, Rock, Crystal, Light

However, they're subject to change and rebalancing. My fakemon are for a story rather than a game so I'm not super hung up on the numbers. Ironically a glass actually lacks the defining characteristic of a crystal (amorphous molecules instead of ordered) but I sort of lump the two together as semi-transparent glittery things.
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  1. Keleri
    @Psycho Monkey lol I've thought about that quiz a lot since RBY, best guess is that it's a Ghost-type physical move where Tombstones burst out of the ground in an AOE
    Apr 7, 2018
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  2. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    Ah mer gerd zombie cats! Ocerot sounds like a typical cat, not knowing what it wants to do.

    Skullduggery is the best name for a move ever! And now I know where Blaine got the idea for having the move Tombstoner as a possible answer in his Gym puzzle. ;)
    Apr 7, 2018
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