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AZ Magearna's father

by DestinyBonder331

DestinyBonder331 Before AZ created the ultimate weapon he created what he thought to end the war the prototype pokeball Magearna.
There was a great war 3,000 years ago, before he made the Ultimate Weapon he made the prototype pokeball. He's plan was to capture every pokemon, so no pokemon can battle, although it sounds bad he made it for good. Magearna's body was made by metal and it's Soul Heart was made out of a crystal of Diancie. And then AZ's plan was failed, Magearna knowing he was made to be a tool for AZ fled and gone to Azoth Kingdom, there he met an old man. She whose angry about AZ stayed with the old man, and he let herself to be IMPROVED.
Sorry if my story is bad I'm not a writer I'm just a 12 year old.
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