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Avery vs Meta Knight

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
The 2 warriors stood on the opposite sides of each other, one the left, another on the right. FIGHT! Avery ran, ice crystals floating around him. He froze Meta, who easily broke out, and swung his sword, which staggered Avery back. Avery launched several ice balls, then kicked Meta. Meta flew up I the air and dove down in a jet position. Avery jumped back, then swung his sword at Meta Knight's cape a couple of times, before slicing it apart. Meta and Avery swung and swung their weapons, until Meta managed to slash him in the stomach. Meta was about to in for the kill, until Avery created a suit of ice armor, and started punching Meta. Avery pulled out his blade and made it bigger, giving it more ice, than swung at Meta, which cut his mask off, revealing a Dark Blue Kirby face. Avery laughed at the puffball face, but Meta swung his sword again, managing to cut Avery's armor off. Meta went in for the powered up sword attack, before Avery slashed Meta, and the two did an awesome cross sword thing in the air, and the two landed, back facing one another. Finally, both fell, and blood surrounded them. Both seemed dead until Avery struggled back up, and crawled out of the stadium! KO!

This match was a close one! Their armor and skill was matched, but Avery has taken much more hits than Meta, being able to survive a plasma blast. Meta, on the other hand, has been taken down by a orange cat once. Avery had an advantage in one and one thing only, which is endurance. The winner is Avery.
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