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MaskMan: Aura Summer MaskMan

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan The water's are fine for now...
Back in space Zone was still watching the last battle "I HATE LOSING I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT" yelled Zone as Techtron came to come down Zone but the Techtron had a idea "master i have a idea why dont we send a monster to look for Aura and attack them before they chaged into MaskMan"
Explain Techtron as he look for a new monster "ah found it" he said as he pick up a ball of light and release it and appeared a robot shark " go Roshark and attack the nearest AURA" said Techtron "yes sir" said Roshark as he was shot down to earth into a lake. "Hmmm so this is earth" Roshark said "not to bad" he said....to be continue
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