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Miraculous OC Stuff: Atieno Kamau/Jerboa ya muda mrefu

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Name: Atieno Kamau
Gender: Female
Appearance (Normal): Has brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes. She wears a light blue short sleeved shirt, khakis, and pink and white sneakers. Her miraculous is a necklace with a circular charm that is dark gray when not inhabited by Piga.
Hero Name: Jerboa ya muda mrefu (Nicknames: Long ears, Miss Hops, and Muda Mrefu)
Appearance (Hero): Has brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes. She wears a tight light russet bodysuit with a white oval on the front. The tail on the costume is identical in style and coloration to that of a long eared jerboa. The ears also resemble those of a long eared jerboa, being light russet with pale pink insides and black tips. The circular charm on her necklace turns light russet, and has five black Jerboa paw prints as the countdown.
Weapon: A shield that is nearly identical to the shield on Kenya’s flag, except the parts of the shield on the Kenyan flag that are red are light russet on Jerboa’s shield.
Powers/Capabilities: Is capable of jumping 171.36 inches, or 14.28 ft.
Special Power: Unknown
Kwami: Piga
Kwami type/animal: Long-eared Jerboa
Kwami Name Meaning: Leap (Swahili)
Other info: N/A