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Ask #s 3 and 4!

by Cloudswift

Cloudswift Two asks in one episode?! Yeah! Asked by @Mewtwofan259 and @Excalibur Queen.
[​IMG] So, I'm back! This is just something I randomly made, and the thing on deciding which pic that I asked Ashley to make sure was up is still going. *looks at the Pokesonas* Did you guys behave while I was gone?
[​IMG] Weeeeellllllll.........
[​IMG] Really? This is US you're asking.
[​IMG] I TOTALLY didn't Moonblast Zoe or anything...
[​IMG] *Glares at Mana* I'm gonna get you back for that.
[​IMG] Yeah, that probably wasn't the best idea, letting us do that by ourselves.
[​IMG] *Sigh* Can I trust you with anything?
(All) NOPE!
[​IMG] *Facepalms* Aaaaanyway, let's get to the point. This one's specifically for you, Mana.
[​IMG] Cool! *Smug look intensifies* I always knew I was more special than the rest of you!
[​IMG] Shut up before I claw your ears off.
[​IMG] No need to make Warriors references, Zoe. And yes, Mana. You're certainly special. *Everyone goes "OOOOHHHHH" like obnoxious high school kids* @Mewtwofan259 wants to know how you feel about him finding out that Sylveons are the strongest Eeveelution.
[​IMG] Well, Glaceon's not the only Dragon slayer Eeveelution anymore!
[​IMG] Wow, that was a solid burn! I would know, being a fire type.
[​IMG] *Sarcastically* That's SUCH an awesome pun, Ashley.
[​IMG] Shut up. Now. Before you turn into flaming squirrel meat.
[​IMG] *Glares*
[​IMG] PLEASE shut up! Both of you!
[​IMG] And onto the next question! @Excalibur Queen's Pokesona Prior the Shiny Poochyena wanted to know what you guys do in your free time. Just because, I'll answer this too. I mostly just hang out with my friends, read, write, draw, game, or watch YouTube. Oh, also Pokecharms!
[​IMG] I listen to music a lot. My favorite genres are Pop and Rock! Fall out Boy FTW! Oh, also Disturbed!
[​IMG] Most of the time, I'm binging on either Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, or Pokemon. DON'T LAUGH!
[​IMG] *Laughs*
[​IMG] Okay, Pandora! What about you?
[​IMG] I mostly just hang out, I guess... I listen to music a little, too...
[​IMG] Gaming! I especially like Terraria!
[​IMG] *Chuckles* You were named after the fallen stars in that game, you know.
[​IMG] I was?! Cool!
[​IMG] You really don't want to know... and I really don't want you to know. So we're even.
[​IMG] Well, I think that's about it for this time 'round! See you all later!
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  1. AceyPie
    Here are my opinions
    Phoenix:She's a cool,Independent,Strong and sorta Goofy Flareon
    Storm:1 word Annoying, to me anyway
    Dakota:I don't really know his personality is errrrrrrrrrrrrr MOVING ON
    Shadow:Is kinda like my brother over protective with the ones he loves *cough* Shadix *cough*
    Galaxy:party Machine

    Did I mention #Dalaxy @WolfyPop?

    Dec 16, 2016
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  2. WolfyPop
    What do you guys think of the Dragon Tribe? Phoenix, Storm, Dakota, Shadow, Galaxy and I think Cyber all wanted to know.
    Dec 16, 2016
  3. SilvallyTamer
    Do you guys like to battle each other?
    Nov 30, 2016
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