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Ask the OCs!: Ask 4 : Broken OTPS, Chaos and Mahem!

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain
@Da_Goodra_King asked : Zamic what is the craziest illusion you have made and why? Also you have a very sneaky aura about you...


Thanks! Also that would be when I made myself look like Bellona and made Phobos think she broke up with him, then started flirting with Henry Hell's son! haha!

That was you?! I hope my sis likes fox meat because I'm burning you in the lantern!


Ruin my OTP again and I'll stuff ya in a foxy suit!


  1. WolfyPop
    I just realised my question disappeared. Anyways:

    To all of you, what do you think of Phoenix the Flareon?
    Dec 22, 2016
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  2. Shadow Waltz
    Shadow Waltz
    ......wow......glad I asked!
    Sep 4, 2016