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Ash's End Part 1 - Foreword + Characters

by Suicunestar

Suicunestar The story of how Ash lost his fame and glory. Open to constructive comments!
Foreword and Characters
A brief foreword.
This story is one me and one of my friends came up with several years ago. My little sister joined as well sometimes. We took it over and pretty much destroyed Ash's reputation on the first day, but don't worry, I'll drag it out and add more. Now, I'll show you what the Trainers we played looked like, and their preferred teams.
Ruby Penn is a Ranger of about 11 years from Hoenn. Her hair is golden brown and reaches the bottom of her ribcage. She wears a green short-sleeved t-shirt with a light brown undershirt that extends to her wrists and a dark green scarf. She also wears dun cargo pants and dark brown sneakers. She has a shoulder bag that crosses from her left shoulder to her right hip that she keeps her PokéDex and PokéNav in, as well as her Pokémon and extra supplies. She wears a black watch as well. Her preferred team consists of her side Pokémon, Grassclaw the Leafeon, as well as Leafwhip the Mega Sceptile, Waterserpent the Milotic, Darkdrake the Hydreigon, Firebird the Talonflame, and Cruelsong the Mismagius.
Will Scocco is a Johto football player for the Goldenrod City Ninetales and Pokémon Coordinator who is 10 years old. His hair is tousled and blonde, at about the average boy's length. He wears a white long sleeved top with bright orange stripes on the shoulders and orange pants that are a little tighter than your average sweatpants. He keeps his stuff in a large belt pouch. His team is a Ninetales named Flame, a Typhlosion named Volcano, an Umbreon named Moon, a Mantine named Wave, a Monsoon Vivillon named Flutter, and a Noivern named Wind.
Elin Hawk is a litte girl from Sinnoh at about 8 years old. She wears a light blue tank top and grey shorts. She has blonde hair that brushes her shoulders and keeps her stuff in a black backpack. Her team is made up of a Turtwig and an Eevee named Branch and Sandy, in that order.
And of course, you probably know Ash. I'm not going to bother putting up a description of him here.
This story takes place all across the Pokémon world. I might make some more new places, but don't worry, I'll put up a description of each of them in another book in the series.
Now then, you can expect the next book tomorrow evening. Are you ready to kick some Ash?