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ASHE Chapter 3: Count E'm By Three Part 1

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja After the practice match, Austin and Sam run into Yang again, why is she so intersted in these two? Before that can b answered, a new problem arrives, and a new character?!
After the match, veryone was dissmised. Austin and Sam decided t take a break outside.
"That was pretty good" Sam said.
"I don't know, I kinda expected it to be a little... longer, it didn't seem like a battle at all". Austin sighed.
'' So your saying you wanted to go more rounds with her" sam teased.
Austin blushed Red.
"Do not! Why do you have to turn all my words around"! Austin raged.
"It's a gift", Sam replied.
Just then, Yang approached the two boys.
"Hello again"! She said cheerfully.
"You were pretty good in that match Austin".
Austin stood up and did a victory pose.
"It was nothing:, He said boldly.
Yang hen continued.
"I mean, I almost thought that I would have to take you seriously". Yang continued.
Austin tripped and fell ecause of the somewhat harsh comeback. Sam looked down at him.
"Yup, That's him, Austin, the almost serious guy". He tormented.
Austin got back up angerly.
"Sam! Not Helping"! Austin raged.
"Your welcome'', Sam responded.
"Oh, Yang I forgot to ask", austin changed subject.
"I wanted to ask why you forfieted our match"?
"Obviously, hewanted to go more rounds with you", Sam commented.
Austin again turned an angry red.
"Quiet You! Your really not making this any better"!
They got into an argument, Yang pushed both boys apart.
"Guys"! she said a little loud.
"the reason why i forfiet was because it was a test".
Austin gave her a confused look.
"A test"? You mean the battle itself"?
"Yup"! Yang Cheerfully went on...
"Remember what you told me when we first met"?
Austin had a flashback of him meeting Yang, and saying how he wanted to be the best huntsman in the world.
"Well", Yang interupted....
"I wanted to see if you really did want to become the best, so I did a little test"...
"And"? Austin asked assuming she would continue.
"And you Passed"! Yang finished.
"Your an OK hunter in my book"!
Austin nearly chocked for a minute, then steadied himself finally saying:
"Thanks! Your not so bad yourself"!
Austin's stomach grumbled.
"A Good fight works a good appitite" Austin said.
Yang laughed at Austin's joke. She wrapped her arms around the boys shoulders.
"C'mon boys! let's go to the cafeteria. Lunch is on me"!

A few minutes later...

Austin, Sam, and Yang were enjoyng the vast supply of food on thir table.
(Swallows) "Thanks a lot Yang"! Austin said joyfully.
"This is delicious"!
Yang smiles finishing her meal.
"No problem"! Yang said.
Sam decided to speak up.
"So Yang, do you have a team of your own"? he asked.
"Well actually"... Yang started.
But beforeshe could finish. the three noticed yound red haired boy, he was running with a scared look. The three looked over and saw four larger kids chasing after him with a look of anger And weapons in their grasp. Austin knew instantly that this was trouble, and he had to do something fast...
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