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Ash in the Orre Region 1

by SwiftNinetalez

SwiftNinetalez Ash from the Kanto region is visiting the Orre Region to train up his team, along with his partner, Pikachu.
So this is the Orre Region.. Very old and deserted said Ash. Me and Pikachu will do great here, I can train Pikachu here for the upcoming gym battle in Icirrus City. Too bad Cilan and Iris were too busy to join me here in the Orre region. Anyway, I should head to the Outskirt Stand that it tells me on the map.

Wow! okay.. this looks very old, but something is inside of it, let's check it out.

~Heads inside ~

Woah?! This looks so cool, whoever did this was so creative.

They have a flat screen TV! and a Café, and a market where they sell potions and Pokeballs! :)

~ Someone enters the Stand ~

Well well well, who do we have here? What the.. Said Ash. Hah! a traveler from another place eh? the man replied. Ash then says, Who are you? what do you want?

What do I want? Hahaha LOSER! I am Travus, the leader of the Venom Tribe here in the Orre Region. Huh? Nobody ever calls me a loser! I AM ASH KETCHUM OF PALLET TOWN..

Travus says, Ash you say? I've heard a lot about you on TV, on advancing in tournaments, and then losing to some powerful dude, HAHAHA! you don't even evolve your Pokémon! :3

-Ash turns around- ... You will regret that..

Travus says, What? you scared of losing to me? what a coward..

-Ash turns around and punch's Travus in the face- WHAT DID YOU CALL ME HUH?


~Travus puts his hand on the spot where Ash hit him~


Ash says, Bring it then! I WON'T LOSE TO THE LIKES OF YOU!

~ Ash VS Travus ~

Go Gardevoir! says Ash, Travus sents out his Muk. Gardevoir! use Psychic. Travus tells Muk to use Acid Armor. Ash thought that he was stupid and didn't know what to do. Gardevoir's Psychic hit Muk, but did little damage. Travus then tells Muk to use Sludge Bomb, which does decent damage on my Gardevoir. Cmon Gardevoir I yelled, use Psyshock. Before Muk could use Acid Armor again, It directly hit him which did a lot of damage. Travus replies, Dang it MUK! TRY HARDER, BEAT THAT FOOL!

Muk uses Mud Bomb which came out of nowhere and did serious damage to Gardevoir. I told Gardevoir, Don't give up! we can do this!

I command Gardevoir then to use Protect, which reflected Muk's Sludge Bomb.

Finally, Muk went for Mud Bomb which misses, that gives me a chance to land a hit on Muk. Travus says, Nooo! WHY DID YOU MISS?

I say in excitement, YES! TAKE THAT!

I then command Gardevoir to use Psychic which made Muk faint.


Travus says, ARRRRGH! You will PAY FOR THIS! I SWEAR..

~ He stomps away out the front door ~

I then say, Hah! Who's the loser now.. Oh yeah, YOU!