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Ash Broke the Fourth Wall

by SummerShaymin

SummerShaymin My entry for Round 1 of Peridot's 2017 Writing Challenge! The caption was "I broke the 4th wall, now I'm being arrested ".
It all started with movie 20. "Hey, Ash!", Misty had yelled, "Are you planning on replacing my bike?!". I responded "Well, not in movie 20, because you're being ditched for that.". She screamed "YOU BROKE THE FOURTH WALL!!!!!!!" and she and Brock lifted up my arms and one leg, dragged me off, and I got hit on the head because it was raining Pikachus. Then everything went black.
At the police station, they put me in jail until my trial arrived. After my trial, I was sentenced to a year in prison for ruining the space time continuum. It was still raining Pikachus.
So here I am, stuck in a jail cell while the legedaries fix my mistake. I'm just going to hope Officer Jenny doesn't find out I smuggled paper into this place...
  1. Splashfur
    Haha, SO FUNNY!
    Jul 7, 2017