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art dump

by A wild flower

A09DA076-7A8A-48D1-A8FC-469DD4F2346C.jpeg B239F733-435B-4099-97A8-FC2F01F020A7.jpeg 7C70D84A-B99F-4679-9992-5F947B15C0E3.jpeg 24238060-C9B2-4AC4-86C0-0CFDFCD18F0E.jpeg 8DB2AA0D-A277-4C3E-A55E-249C3D7313DF.jpeg 8D1B5DAB-193A-4B58-9499-F49E5DF28526.jpeg
A wild flower just various art pieces im proud of from this year. figured i should post at least one more thing to this site lol
  1. Riverrunner
    Okay, I should preface this with the fact that I know next to nothing about persona, but your Panther redesign is so nice looking!! I really love the four leaf clover/rose motif (the thorns on the sleeves are such a nice touch) you kept throughout and also giving her more suitable clothing while still keeping the same level of “theatre kid meets rogue from DnD” that the Phantom Thieves all have in their outfits. 11/10!!
    Jun 21, 2020
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