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Non-Pokemon art: Art Dump - Non-Pokemon Art

by EtherealHaze

Pacific RIm Kaiju OC.png Chibi Otachi.png Unamed Furry Creature.png Sans.png
EtherealHaze Sooo... Um.... About 5 months ago I said I wouldn't be coming back on this website, and I haven't since then (except for the occasional front-page browse), but to be honest I've kinda missed this site.
Some of you may remember that the reason I left here in the first place was because I was feeling really depressed and thought my art was absolute rubbish. Well, nowadays I still think those things, but I decided to be brave and show of a couple of -terrible- artworks I've produced in these past months.
So yeah...
I'm not sure if this means I'm going to be completely active on here again. Well, probably not but I might upload some artwork from time to time.
Pacific Rim Kaiju OC - I'm a massive fan of the Pacifc Rim film, so I decided to create my own Kaiju. I had actually had the design in my head for a while, but only finally got the motivation to draw it about 2 months ago.
Chibi Otachi - Otachi is my favourite Kaiju from Pacific Rim, so I just had to draw her eventually. I was originally going to do a detailed drawing, but got a bit lazy and done a chibi instead.
Sylvester - One of the furry characters I have made. He is mix of different species of animals including; Wolf, Tiger, Rat, and Antelope (unsure on what species).
Sans - A Cel-shaded artwork of Sans from Undertale.
  1. H D
    H D
    the last one looks SANSsational
    Jun 23, 2016
    Battle Legend G.K. likes this.
  2. RobyLuna97
    I think your art is really AMAZING!
    My artworks are really rubbish compared to yours.
    I think you should keep on with your good work even if you are not happy with your artworks
    Jun 23, 2016
    PrincessPika likes this.
  3. TooBlue12
    These really are amazing! Even if you aren't going to be completely active again it is still nice to see you back. :)
    Jun 23, 2016
    PrincessPika and EtherealHaze like this.