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by NightRaven

NightRaven Finally, I have a fanmade Pokemon. This little transparent handful it Aquit, the aquatic kitten Pokemon.

Type: Water
Name Origin: Aqua, kit/kitten
Description: Aquit is often found in the water at pretty much any beach in Numia. They are protected by their mothers, who manage to slice off a smll amount of themselves for it to develop into Aquit. Their bodies are made purely of water and they are almost transparent. Their paws are webbed to help with swimming, along with the tail fins. Their mothers teach them to swim at the shallow end, but when it drops off into the ocean, the mothers decide it's time for their kittens to live out on their own. They can also be found in almost any body of water in Numia, and professor Allie Krow studies them deeply. Attacks are easily avoided by them as they are both fast, and completely made of water. Double team is easily learned at birth as they split their bodies into smaller versions that attack all at once.