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Apocalypse Reboot Possible Ending

by Blue_Flash4

Blue_Flash4 Characters:
Nick Wilson
Coop (Cooper) Parker
Aleah Midnight
Nate (Nathanael) Oak
Bellamy Lightwood
Kaleb Storm
(I’m just gonna tag some people who may wanna read this
@LunarSilvally @Shadow_Pup @StormingCobra55 @Snowy_Boi)

Apocalypse Age
Power Plant
2:00 AM

Cooper Parker, Nick Wilson, Aleah Midnight, and Nathanael Oak are trying to somehow take out a portion of the zombies that are in the region their in by exploding a bomb that has been set to only take out the undead, the bomb should take out most of the zombie in this region.

Coop, Nick, Aleah and Nate had broke into the power plant, there was a humongous horde that for some reason was attracted to the power plant, “Come on Guys we gotta go!” Nick yelled to his team, he had been planning this plan for a long while. They split up, Nick and Aleah were gonna hold off the horde while Nate and Cooper set up the bomb.

Nick and Aleah
Nick and Aleah were fighting off zombies in a kind of small hallway. Nick kicked off a wall and stabbed a zombie in the head while Aleah shot a arrow right under him which headshot a zombie.
They were fighting like they’d never fought before.

Coop and Nate
Cooper and Nate were setting up the bomb. Cooper pulled out the knife Nick gave him before hand to help him set up the bomb. He cut a wire and yelled “ALRIGHT WE GOT 1 MINUTE TO RUN LIKE HELL OUTTA HERE!” He saw Aleah and Nate nod and the three of them ran out.

Outside The Power Plant
Cooper, Nate and Aleah were outside the power plant. Cooper looked around “Where’s Nick?” He asked. He glanced back at the blown up building behind him. He quickly searched through the rubble, he moved a huge rock and noticed a shine, he digged and pulled out a metal arm. He noticed it as Nick’s. “No. Just, no!” He said as he started tearing up and bawling. He felt Nate grab his shoulder as Nate too started crying. He heard Aleah tell them they should go tell the rest of their team. Cooper nodded as the three of them walked off.

Cooper, Nate and Aleah had returned to their base where they saw Shadow and Bellamy sitting down planning a attack plan against their enemy team the hooded men. “Ah, some people are back late.” Shadow said to them as they walked in.
“Well,” Cooper said staring at the ground “We, kind of just took out most of the zombies on the planet. But, their was a cost.” He said as a tear rolled down his cheek.
“What cost?” Bellamy asked.
“Nick,” Nate responded.
“Oh,” Bellamy and Shadow said as they glanced away from Aleah, Cooper and Nate. JC walked into the room as the group finished their conversation she then asked “What’s, going on? Why do you guys look so sad?” Aleah glancing up said “Nick, he’s gone.” She said “We we’re taking out a huge horde of zombies when, he just-“ She started bawling right there Cooper patted her as she started crying on his shoulder. JC shocked walked off Bellamy followed after her in his wheelchair. Kaleb then walked in it looked like he had just come out of War as he had blood all over him most likely from hooded men. “What going on?” He asked. He glanced at the trio standing by him. Shadow still sitting down stood up and said “Most Of the zombies are dead along with Nick.” Everyone silent Kaleb walked off. Cooper walked outside he dug a hole which he threw the metal arm into. He then pulled a stone out of the ground and pulled out his knife and wrote R.I.P Nick Wilson. He then gathered the team around the grave. JC, Kaleb, Bellamy, Shadow, Aleah, Nate and himself. He then said some words that came to the top of his head “Nick, he was a good friend, good guy, and a Brave soul. He fought along side friends like us, and never gave up.” He started having flashbacks of Nick. “But, he’ll never be gone from us, because we’re more then a team, we’re more then friends....we’re family!” He then pulled out a fist and raised it as he yelled “To Nick!”

Cooper had been visiting Nick’s grave frequently that day. JC walked up behind him and said “I’m sorry, I know you two were close.” She said he heard sadness in her voice. “We were.” Cooper said back. “Well, what’s next?” She asked. “I don’t know!” He said “The zombies are gone, hooded men pretty much abandoned each other. I think, I think, we’ve won!” He said he had finally smiled. He noticed JC do the same. The two of them then walked away.

(I hope you guys enjoyed this. I literally almost cried typing it. And this was all possible because of LunarSilvally, StormingCobra55, Shadow_Pup, and Snowy_Boi who helped me enjoy the roleplay. And I really enjoyed typing this and I hope everyone who reads it does too.)
  1. StormingCobra55
    Wow. I like how everyone is somewhat emotional and then my guy shows up with blood all over him and goes, “what’s up my dudes?” Good ending, nonetheless. One question though: where is Jason?
    Dec 29, 2018
    Blue_Flash4 likes this.
  2. Blue_Flash4
    I really enjoyed this! Close Friends=Family. Perfect end to the long story arc of these heroes we’ve created!
    Dec 29, 2018
    Blue_Flash4 likes this.
  3. LunarSilvally
    I actually like it well done
    Dec 29, 2018
    Blue_Flash4 likes this.