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An manectric-fied trade! A manectric-fied farewell?

by BooBerry

BooBerry This is a story between me and my Pokemon. Like manectric. We have a strong bond with eachother. Does you and your Pokemon have strong bonds like me and manectric? Write a story about you and your Pokemon together!
This is a story about me and my manectric when I'm in the kanto region. It begins when we are on our way to school until manectric was with me. I was in third grade that then, but manectric remembered all of the old days with his old trainer , who gave me his electrike for my second litwick. That's when manectric began to tug me, meaning he wants to say something. He told me that he want to be with a NEW trainer, but I was a bit perplexed about this situation going on with him. The he pointed to a poster that says FREE TRADE FOR A EEVEELUTION. I was too worried to give away manectric to someone else. But I'm also lucky, because manectric is a stage one and he is level 33. So after school I decided to go to lummiose city in the Kalos region, but it's gonna be three days or weeks to get there for the trade. Then manectric gave me the poster again. The location wasn't on limmiose city, it was near the Pokemon center. A few minutes later, we met a stranger who was named Ryan. He asked us to battle him and his charmeleon. Manectric agreed to battle him for awhile. Like I said, that guy will always start out with flamethrower. But manectric dodge it. Then, he used the super effective bite, but charmeleon dodge it as well. Then charmeleon used flame burst. It almost hit manectrc, but he dodge it in time, and he finished charmeleon off with swift. And he did. Ryan said thanks about the battle we have. It was always in my memories for a long long time. As we reach the Pokemon center, I asked nurse Joy where is the trade. She said that it was on my left. As rushed all the way there, until there was a lady named Patricia, with one off her eeveelutions in her side. I decided to get flareon for the trade. So I asked the lady if I can trade my manectric for her flareon. She said yes, but we need to battle her mismagius first. Like we did a few minutes ago to Ryan the stranger, we agree to that. She even say if we lose, the trade is canceled. I have a bad feeling about that. Not like Ryan said a minute ago about the battle we have, I new that she's gonna said that. We still agree to battle her and a deal is a deal. As the battle begins mismagius started of with shadow ball while manectric used thunderbolt. Then mismagius used copycat, a move that copies the oppenent's Pokemon moves. And mismagius sent out a volt of thunder that aimed to manectric. But he dodged it. Then we counterattack with thundershock, but it missed. And that moment mismagius used dark pulse that hit manectric. He looked like that he's going to have temper problems like venusaur. But instead he mega evolved into mega manectric! Everyone was surprised that manectric mega evolved without a mega stone. Then mismagius used shadow ball but manectric used volt tackle instead. I was also shocked about him using volt tackle for the first time. When the shadow ball hit him, he break through the attack, and finished up mismagius. I knew that we're gonna win. After the battle, Patrica said that me and manectric are the perfect match as Pokemon with a huge bond with a trainer. She also said that I can have flareon for FREE without a trade! This is great, because manectric can stay in our team! I thank Patricia for the battle and for giving me her flareon. As me and manectric race home with our new Pokemon- in- training, flareon, I told my parents that it was the best day ever! Well I guess that's all that I can say about me and manectric huh? Well at least we are still together as a family!
P.S: there will be more Braixen X Frogadier fanfictions soon!
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  1. FlamingOrangeEevee
    does manitrick miss his old trainer
    Apr 23, 2016
  2. BooBerry
    Yeah, me and manectric got a bit worried together, so we change our mind and decided to stay together
    Feb 9, 2016
  3. Quake
    Cute, although I am curious about whether or not Manectric was happy in the end. He didn't get what he wanted, to be with another trainer. It seemed like he enjoys transferring from trainer to trainer for the thrill of travel, not necessarily because he disliked those who trained him. Perhaps he changed his mind in the end to stay with you?- And that the bond between trainer and Pokémon is strengthened?
    Feb 9, 2016
  4. BooBerry
    Sorry I edited some of the lines:'|:'|
    Feb 8, 2016